ost dunhoth

On Monday evening we had a kin outing to Ost Dunhoth, as we were all mostly level 85 we cleared the whole thing on T1 in one evening.  It must have been insane back when it was the cap level raid – I was pretty happy to have those extra 20 levels 😉  I really enjoyed seeing the whole zone and especially enjoyed playing through the overarching storyline.

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  1. It certainly *was* insane back when it was the cap level raid, but also the raid I have the fondest memories of. On T1, you could clear out the whole thing in one evening as well. But T2, and especially certain challenges, were really hard. We did an epic on-level 6-man Poison Wing T2 Challenge that I’ll never forget.

    I’m carefully a bit enthusiastic, but also a little fearful as to what they will do to my favourite raid. Thanks or the old memories!

  2. you’re welcome 🙂 I was quite in awe going around the place, it was first time in for most of us and was good fun so yes, I hope they do a good job when they scale it up 🙂

    I haven’t seriously raided since the eq2 days but it reminded me (in terms of scale, minibosses, scripted fights) of Veeshan’s Peak. This was a massive zone and was the home of the dragons. The mobs in here were a lot of fun (including being part of dragon’s dream) but they did have quite harsh fail penalties (didn’t cure that fear dot? raid is immediately wiped – not raid dies through the loss of one person, the game actually wiped the raid!) which they then ‘perfected’ in the following year’s expansion. That’s when I stopped on-level raiding in eq2 😉 Actually, I might write up the saga of getting my mythical weapon – fun memories if a nightmare at the time!!

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