catching up in eq2

I’m a little bored in lotro at the moment.  When there are kin group nights or our regular team orange nights, it’s still fun but I don’t really have much else to do currently.  Well aside from grind legendary shards or catch up on some deeds, so roll on update 10.  I’m quite enjoying game hopping at the moment though, I have a couple of characters on the go in Vanguard, I’ve downloaded SW:ToR (Ravanel’s gorgeous screenshots certainly piqued my interest and now it’s free to play, I thought why not) and of course I have my old MMO, EQ2.

So in a fit of nostalgia, I logged back into eq2.  I thought I’d try and get some shots of  the epic zone Veeshan’s Peak for an upcoming post.  It wasn’t a particularly good idea as you can imagine.  It’s still green, my AAs were all reset, I wasn’t wearing a full set of gear…  It would have been dodgy anyway, I had hired a mercenary and had hoped to be able to clear enough trash to get some screenies of some dragons.  It didn’t go very well, I did have some tinkered feign death potions and got a little way in but the cooldown on reuse was 30 mins so I figured it would be too boring.

So I went back to Faydwer with my tail between my legs and suddenly remembered that Aeowulf had popped back in recently and said that the level 90 hand crafted gear was far superior to anything available from when we were last playing.  I went off to the broker and well yes, yes it was… check out these stat screenies!  (plus a superfluous shot of my griffon)

I decided to give Veeshan’s Peak a miss for now and instead thought I’d get back into the character by doing some heritage quests.  I chose Justice for JoJo as it was duoable at the time and after figuring out where I was up to, what I needed to do next, how to get to where I needed to, I moved the quest on a couple of stages until I reached a point where you needed two people.  It is physically impossible to advance the quest, so I shall have to coerce Dimzad to log back in to help me.   I was a bit cross though, not being able to carry on after all that effort!

I feel absolutely lost though, the level cap has been raised to 95, I haven’t bought the last two expansions and I don’t know what I can and can’t do in respect to those.  I’m intending to try and have a weekly play session (as well as Vanguard) and I don’t know whether to try and finish some stuff with Suzita or whether to start again with one of my low levels.  It does seem easier to start again as without the expansions, much of what Suzita has left to do is group content…  I might dust off my beast lord (I still can’t believe they brought that class in after all those years of saying NEVER!)



  1. Very late comment because my RSS reader program didn’t synchronize automagically with Google Reader until I told it to do so…

    Anyway, I’ve resubscribed temporarily to help a friend get a pink unicorn (it is kind of a in-joke) and to do some decoration while at it. So I am feeling as lost as you.

    As for what you can or cannot do without the latest two expansions. I think this is how it goes…

    – You can get to level 92, since the latest free update (aka Velious part 2) was free to everyone and that bumped the level cap to 92.

    – To hire mercenaries, get crafting apprentices, perhaps even beastlords too you need Age of Discovery. I am not sure if the beastlord class can be unlocked via the SC store or they just let any subscriber have it. Age of Discovery was the last expansion I bought so I have unlocked.

    – The level cap of 95 is only for those who have the latest expansion, Chains of Eternity. Same thing to have the prestige tradeskill AAs and I believe to access the zones that come with that.

    – Keep in mind that Chains of Eternity does *not* contain Age of Discovery. Apparently you need to buy them separately if you want to have the features of both. -_-

    Oh, and if you were in Antonia Bayle (if I recall correctly that wasn’t the case…) I could help you out. I would offer help on the Crushbone server too but my highest level character there isn’t even level 80. 😡

  2. thanks for the information, really helpful 🙂 I had assumed Velious part 2 was a separate expansion and I had already bought Age of Discovery, so just one expansion missing then – not as bad as I’d thought then 🙂

    yes am on Splitpaw, but thank you for your offer 🙂 good luck with your friend’s pink unicorn quest! is that anything to do with the shard of love?

  3. Sort of. The pink unicorn was part of Erollisi Day. Required 300 erollisi coins and she is always not in the mood to play during this time of the year. Since the joke was too good to pass up I offered to help her out this year. 🙂

  4. hehehe 🙂 yes I have to admit to being a bit of a fan of the films for quite a long time and we’ve (dimzad, littlun and me) have been playing some Lego Star Wars on the PS3 but yes your screenies definitely made me want to check it out 😉

    I’ve made a smuggler (republic) and reached the heady heights of level 4. It’s been fun so far, a fun change in ranged tactics. If/when I get time to get back in I’ll write up some proper thoughts and post some screenies for sure 🙂

    ah yes my griffon! there are things when I go back to eq2 and suddenly remember *why* the game was so fun 🙂

    1. Ohhh, the smuggler story is so much fun! I really like the ranged tactics as well, especially in PvP. Mine now ended up at level 42 all of a sudden! An yes, the films are awesome. 😀

      Have fun!

  5. Hiya,
    A somewhat belated Happy New Year:)
    I have been playing EQ2 again (when I get the chance) since you pointed out they weren’t going to force us to use PSS.1 and have been enjoying it a great deal. If you need a hand with one of your lower level toons, feel free to shout. I’m afraid I can’t help with the higher levels, as Mags is still only 56!
    I’m still trying to level my trade skilling so that I can ride a flying mount. One of the main things I miss about not being in a guild (apart from the members of course) is the tradeskill materials depot in the guild house. Doing it the old way is so much slower! Still, got a stack of levels from the Frostfell daily, so only about 10 more to go before I can ride a griffon:)

    1. Hi magania 🙂 nice to hear from you and thank you for the offer of help 🙂

      It’ll be quite unpredictable when I play, but I’ll keep an eye out for you. I know how you feel about the tradeskill materials…. Did you know that if you complete the artisan epic timeline, you can get a pack pony which will harvest materials for you? Only problem is that it’s the level 90 stage added with Velious (the snowy expansion, up to 90) so it won’t be helpful whilst actually levelling up….

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