more adventures in Tursh

I  had got quite disheartened at level 4 of my Shaman.  I couldn’t do the only available quest and kept dying and she seemed much weaker than other classes I had played at that level.  So I went off and grinded her up an extra level to see if that would help.  Well, it did and I found, if I was careful, I could slowly get around Rindol’s Storehouse.  However, when I looked more closely at my journal I realised that I was in the wrong place for one of the quests and the quests in the Storehouse are intended for a small group.  Hmm well there you go, noob lesson #1 read the quest text 😛  I carried on questing through the Shimmerleaf areas, got sent back to Tursh Academy and am now level 9 and about to do the final quests for the newbie area I think.

Although the quests are pretty much the standard MMO kill x, gather y variety, a lot of humour has been injected into the game.  I had to rescue some brownies from the rift initiates and as they ran off, they yelled ‘FREEEEEDOM!!’ which was funny and I had a quest to carry a chicken back to a guard (the quest giver hates chickens so all his guard friends think its funny to keep plaguing him with them).  It’s also fun killing fantastical and magical mobs.  Even though the graphics are a little old now I suppose, the game is still beautiful and I really love the Eastern influences in the design and concepts, it’s quite unusual and refreshing as most western MMOs seem to follow a Western medieval style (in my experience at least).

So I now have 6 characters above (or nearly) level 10, all of which are enjoyable.  As I want to explore all 3 continents and have a bit of variety when doing so, I thought I’d have a character on each continent.  So I have a Dreadknight on Qalia, a Disciple on Kojan and I don’t know whether to choose the Paladin or the Shaman for Tursh…  I think my favourite of all 3 is the Dreadknight so far.

I am re-subbing too, as I’m enjoying playing and am playing somewhat regularly.  The benefits of subbing are quite nice too – it’s a different approach to both eq2 and lotro and appears to value subscribers.

vgd matrix


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