U10 today

and it’s caught me by surprise!  I thought I had another week or so 😛

So tonight I will be finding out how the armour set, fate and power changes will affect my characters, checking out the new armour sets & jewellery (I can’t remember if the T1 Erebor sets were gated by a deed or not… I think they were) and figuring that even with the 1st age symbols being on the skirmish barterer I probably still won’t be able to get one (that’s ok, I’m not a raider).

I have to admit, knowing that the current changes are the start of their big class revamps, I can’t really be bothered to put too much effort into gearing up – it just doesn’t seem worth it when you don’t know what changes are around the corner ( or U11 at least :P).  Expansions have also been released around September/October and *if* the next expansion is due this year with its hinted at level cap rise – there is even less reason to grind for stuff.  Of course,  I’ll still upgrade gear as and when I can.  I do like the change to the bonuses being at 2 and 4 pieces as it does give more flexibility, I will miss the removal of stats though and I’m not sure why they couldn’t have just been moved too.  It’s also traditionally the time of year where we step back from lotro a bit (sunshine yay!) though I don’t want to stop playing completely like I did last year as it would be nice to see the anniversary and spring festivals though if they’re following the yule festival model of daily grind which can be sped up with TP – I’ll be giving it a miss anyway, even if there is a war steed appearance.

Tonight is Team Orange so hopefully we’ll be looking at doing a 6 man in either one of the scaled In Their Absence instances or the new Erebor 6 man.  Assuming the server is back up of course 😉  Our kin is putting on raid nights on Mondays, alternating between old and new content so I may get to see the new raid zones too.


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