The Bells of Dale

We logged in last night, and after having a quick look at stats (need to think about those) and switching hytbold sets around, we got our Team Orange group together with a couple of lovely kinnies and went off into the new 6 man instance The Bells of Dale.  I brought Mallendis along as we were expecting a challenge.  Well the first challenge was getting the zone to work.  First time, we froze completely within the instance for over 5 minutes.   To get back in, we had to exit game, reboot, log in as another character, log back to original character.  I don’t know if this was just overload or what.  The second time in, we got to the first boss (big troll), killed him but the rest of the zone didn’t open up and no loot – clearly bugged out – so we figured starting again would be quickest.  Third time lucky 😉

We went in on Tier 1 and it was easy.  Very easy.  Quick and a lot of fun though.  The whole zone was mostly tank n spank, the first boss has waves of adds and a lot of health, the two mini bosses (Garz and Larz – which we renamed to gratz and lolz :P) went down quick though i think Larz called in a HUGE bear which was quite cool.  The sorcerors around this area are probably the worst of the trash and can hit quite hard.  The final boss call waves of pets and you need to stop rats from destroying the bell-ropes.   He does go invulnerable a couple of times which seems to be pet related, but other than that it seemed quickest to aoe the pets and burn him down.

On Tier 1 , it was fun and easy.  The open layout and spacing of the mobs is quite nice and the sorceror and lore-master type mobs make a nice change.  I got some relics and a cloak (which was sort-of-but-probably-not an upgrade).  It will be interesting to see how this zone scales to Tier 2.



  1. Yay Eldaeriel!

    On opening night, I did Bells also, and also had an issue where the instance froze requiring a game exit. It took 20 minutes or so of relogging to get it to clear up; the tank never could get back that night.

    However… the next run, like yours was easy; very easy when the game doesn’t conspire against you to freeze you out. T2 was not much worse than T1: there were more bad wounds to pot, the sorcs were more deadly, but overall a nice little run.

  2. hi danania 🙂
    we went back on t2 on thurs night and we did notice the difference. I did originally take my hunter in but switched to lm once we realised pots couldn’t deal with the red dot from the troll. Once the red dots were under control… it was a good fight – though it was fairly tense as a healer / curer – the conversation in the room between myself and Dimzad (RK) was quite funny 😉

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