i can’t believe they’re getting rid of google reader!  I had tried other readers (like pulse, flipboard, currents etc) but they seem more suited for browsing when bored rather than dedicated reading of blogs – which is what I like to do.

I’m trying out feedly, and so far so good.  It has linked with my google account just fine (including all my starred items) and so far the reading format seems good – a bit more modern, bit more visual, cleaner and fresher I suppose.  It can still be organised simply though – so you can immediately see your unread items.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed



  1. Funny, I hate reader, and much prefer pulse, but then it has so many ways to set it up, and I prefer to browse title and articles, to see which I will read further, than read them all. Its odd when stuff liek this goes, but then googles groups is another good example of services that keep getting poorly developed, or abandoned and changed without notice… frustrating for those that use them.

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