getting into the loremaster groove

I’ve mostly been playing Mallendis lately, partly because I’m trying to catch her up and partly because she’s far more useful in 6/12 man content, especially seeing as we have a lot of dps classes in the kin. I do occasionally miss playing Eldaeriel but I do find the LM more challenging, with more to think about and to be honest, I’m preferring it.

I just love the amount of stuff I can do, although because I’m still fairly new to the class that can still feel a bit overwhelming in an emergency situation. I find it hardest when I’m having to watch health bars (cures, anti stuns, backup/emerg heals) and the fight (debuff, stuns, dps), though sometimes I think I am simply just trying to do too much.  The more I play her though, the smoother it will get I expect 🙂  She’s also a lot slower in casting and less manoeuvrable than my hunter which is taking some getting used to.  Already though, Mallendis is better geared than Eld and that feels a bit strange.

So recently, I have seen a lot more 6 man content than I have ever seen in lotro and it is fun to be tackling group content again.  We’ve been in to Ost Elendil, Glinghant, Sambrog and a few times in Bells of Dale.  The difficulty has certainly increased since the patch, which I suppose is a good thing ;p  Team Orange did four-man T2 Bells of Dale until the last named, where we felt a bit selfish and got some kinnies to come along.  I have to say, I don’t think we would have had enough dps to complete the final fight if we hadn’t.  The troll fight was quite a mare, but we did succeed in the end 😀  Still can’t quite believe the four of us killed the troll 😛

I think we have a fornost run planned and we’re going to try for Battle for Erebor on T1 soon too.  Looking forward to that 🙂  will try and remember to get some screenies though will likely be befores and afters 😉


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