side by side

Mallendis & Eldaeriel
Mallendis & Eldaeriel

We ran Fornost (water) recently and I switched from Mallendis to Eldaeriel for the final boss fight.  I was kicking myself as I had to wait for a while before I could re-enter as it was still counting Mallendis as being in the zone.  When I did zone in, I couldn’t see Mallendis but everyone else could…  so Dimzad took a screenshot of my two main characters standing side by side for me 😛



  1. I love bugs like that. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one exactly like the one that happened to you but I’ve seem a few amusing ones.

    My favorite so far is probably one in Everquest 2 where a person would die, be resurrected but still be stuck in the dead pose. Then you would see a corpse sliding around and somehow fighting. I think it happened a couple times to me and I’ve seem it happen to other people too.

  2. So weird! I had this exact thing happen to me last week, but oddly enough, I was in the West Bree vault. I couldn’t see my character that was logged out but everyone else could. Cool that your friend got a picture for you. 🙂

  3. @rakuno oh i remember that! was so funny – do you remember the zombie bug too? for some reason your character would get stuck sort of leaning backwards – that used to make me laugh too 🙂

    @danania awww – I guess it may not be too difficult to recreate? Poor dimzad – I was yelling ooh take a screenie, quick quick! poor guy 😉

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