moloing protector’s realm

I’ve been really missing the inquisitor class from eq2 (the hunter in lotro is very similar to eq2’s ranger) so I thought I’d pop back in and give her a whirl.  I have a baby guild there still, 10 levels away from being able to get a guild hall so I thought I’d try the recommended way to get some quick plat and status – soloing Protector’s Realm with a mercenary (it’s known as moloing :P)  I didn’t think I’d do particularly well, seeing as she is wearing handcrafted gear and has low AA points but I found a SK merc and thought I’d give it a shot.


PR always used to be a fun zone (we used to raid it at end game way back when), the story is quite cool and funny.  Your raid group basically enters to find the mobs unattackable and as you go through the zone you find a rival group of adventurers (npcs).  Their priest died and had forgotten to cast feathers, so the group cannot rez their priest.  They suggest that if you rez their priest we can work together and share the loot.  So after you’ve rezzed the priest, you take some shards from their mage to activate the raid mobs in the previous room.  These are 4 skelly mobs with adds with a range of tactics needed to avoid their fears, stuns, knockback and the dreaded Harmtouch.  Saraya and her merc took them out fine (I did have a couple of deaths on the pulls as I couldn’t send in the SK first).  We then went back to the group of adventurers who took the reformed shards from us and told us to wait in the room – they then basically lock you and your raid force in the room and conjure a very nasty mob (Doomcoil) whilst they laugh outside and run off to get the loot 😛  After killing Doomcoil, you then catch up with the group and get your revenge (it consists of 2 mercs, a tank, a healer, a mage and the group leader – forget what she is).  Then it was onto the final mob.  This was the trickiest mob in here for me.  Once he is at 35% he has an invulnerability shield and his aoe damage increases.  To lower the shield you need to click an item until it breaks a pillar, you then need to repeat on the second pillar.  It was tricky keeping me and my merc healed up and clicking whilst dealing with knockbacks but I did it 🙂  It was a lot of fun and I got about 15% guild exp and a whole load of plat 🙂  I know that they are reducing the level of plat earned in a future update, hopefully they won’t reduce the status too.



  1. I am surprised that is still the best way to get money and status for a guild. After all this time I would imagine something would have replaced it. If I get crazy enough to play EQ2 again I might give it a try!

    P.S.: Moloing is probably the best term I heard in a while!

  2. bleh sorry I totally missed this comment 😦

    I think PR is just fairly quick and easy to do – with each named giving status. I’ve heard solo grinding a guild level 30+ is soul destroying as the status needed gets ridiculous so I probably won’t worry about getting any further guild levels.

    and yes – moloing is a great term 😀

  3. No worries. 🙂

    Yes, PR was nice to do and the rewards weren’t too shabby considering its old age. Solo grinding to 30+ could be soul-crushing… Although I did start it after they made the XP necessary into a line in a graph instead of the crazy curve that persisted in the game for a long time.

    In any case, the way I found to cope with that was to get my shadow knight (for the AoEs) then pick up some writs in Odus. Those writs gave a decent amount of status and they were relatively close to each other so making a route to complete them was easy enough. I would spend some minutes doing it every day, so it wouldn’t bore me. Once I finished doing that for the night I would then sell all my status items.

    In the mean time I setup an empty house in Gorowyn as a provisional “guild hall” for my characters. I put there a personal depot to store my materials and a bunch of crafting tables. This way my characters could do some crafting. I think might have even got crazy enough to doing some rush writs that way…

    Not too long though, a couple friends who just returned to EQ2 asked to join my then one man-guild. I accepted since they were good friends and thought it would be just temporary until we found a new real guild (I never had intention to lead). Despite all my protests they helped with the writs and in a short amount of time we got to level 30. 🙂

    All in all it wasn’t too bad. Although one could claim I am biased to say that since I had help from a couple people.

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