moloing, grinding and testing

I’ve been busy on and off the last few weeks.  There was a double guild xp weekend in EQ2 and I took advantage and grinded my guild from level 21 to level 30 so I could get a guild hall.  I roped in Dimzad to help, went cross eyed doing writs and spent far too much plat on status items – but we did it and I now have a guild hall to decorate and a place for my characters to hang out 🙂  I have no idea *how* I’m going to decorate it… but I’m sure inspiration will kick in soon.  I’ve also started going through the raid zones to collect trophies for my guild hall – I have Darathar and Lord Vyemm so far.

In lotro, I’ve been running some 6 and 12 man instances, mostly on Mallendis.  I accidentally spent 250g on 3 wyrmfires as I thought I’d just see and that I’d get a confirmation dialogue but no – wrong game 😛  Although it was a lot of money, it was a good deal at the current market prices and I was pretty chuffed to get my first gold item on Mallendis.  I’ve also popped onto Bullroarer, the test server and had a look at Update 11.  I really love the mounted combat pet for Loremasters and I’m looking forward to this update going to live.



  1. Congratulations! 🙂

    Guild halls can be intimidating to decorate at first but they are pretty fun. The evil version though can be a pain since there are a lot of weird corners and a few bugged areas. Which one did you get?

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