hobbits, monsters & wildermore

ok so the blog has been pretty quiet lately but that’s mainly been down to half term, littlun having some time off school and just generally lots going on 🙂  I have managed to fit in some gaming and a few other things have caught my eye too.

so the trailer for the next hobbit film has been realised.  I think I’ll enjoy it, I’m looking forward to seeing the appendix material (Dol Guldur, White Council) being fleshed out a bit and the continuation of the actual Hobbit story.  When I get to see it, I think I’ll be rolling my eyes at some / most of the action scenes, there will be probably be some eyebrow raising (hopefully Tauriel won’t require a stronger reaction) and some giggling as we nerdily relate the film to lotro 😉  Visually it looks stunning (as always) and I’d probably watch for that reason alone, shallow as that may be.

singingmonstersI’ve found a really sweet and funny game for my android tablet, My Singing Monsters.  You basically breed little monsters that make various musical noises and they harmonise.  Far more fun and addictive than it sounds 😉  For a freemium game it’s actually not too bad as you do not actually need to pay money to play or progress but you can buy items to speed up breeding etc.


Getting together for warbands
Getting together for warbands

In lotro, I’ve been managing to log in for group and raid nights.  Mallendis and Dimzad still have Wildermore to complete but it shouldn’t take us long once we get going.  I did run Eld through and I enjoyed the storyline, although the storyline was quite bleak throughout.  It felt like the last battles are approaching and things are getting serious…  I’ve also pretty much made the decision to retire Eldaeriel as I cannot gear two characters up properly.  Mallendis is more in demand anyway and I find her a lot more fun and interesting to play.  I like having to think about which set of gear to wear, which set of traits to slot though I guess with the class revamp coming up my opinion could change…

I haven’t had time to even think about popping into Vanguard or EQ2 😦  EQNext is interesting me as I like the sandbox-y direction it seems to be going in, though obviously no real details are available yet and there is still the issue that (currently) I would need to create an account with PS7.  I do wonder if this will change though.


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