lotro and me

loth mal

So I’ve ended up cancelling my sub for lotro.  It’s partly due to the fact that I’m finding it hard to settle in any MMO (I think the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online may be to blame for that!)  However it is also partly due to the current state of the game.  I did write a brief review of Helm’s Deep, which in places was quite cautious and/or pragmatic.  I still agree that the questlines (particularly the epic questline) are very good and the environment is beautiful.  I still ‘kinda like’ the LM class changes – as in there are some new skills and approaches that are fun and innovative but I do miss the pre-Helm’s Deep LM.  The class has lost its depth and versatility.  Big Battles, well yes they were fun for a while but as I said, they were no replacement for traditional end-game instances.  I wasn’t prepared for the increase in dps and I totally wasn’t expecting to be level 95 halfway through the expansion questlines.  

Although my playstyle varies between noodling activities (crafting, deeding) and running group instances, the main reason I play an MMO is to overcome challenges with my friends (Dimzad and Aeo).  I’ve always particularly liked the way Lotro handles the difficulty factor – bit late? tired? run a T1 instance, in the zone? got enough time? T2 challenge 🙂 However, with no new traditional instances planned for 2014 and the level of dps reducing the overall level of challenge, it leaves us feeling as though there is no point gearing up and therefore, no point in running instances we’ve already beaten a million times (maybe a slight exaggeration ;))

I still intensely dislike the RNG system that they seem to like.   I would much prefer a barter system (and I’d be happy with a partial RNG system, e.g. X instance guaranteed to drop 1 of X items).  The gold items were supposed to be some ‘ooh aren’t you lucky’ bonus item, but predictably instances were grinded (and grinded) to obtain them and the drop rate was so insanely low it ended up just being annoying.  I am also disappointed by the fact that there is no new expansion for 2014 (although am not worried about a level cap increase) and I am cautious about what they will deliver in terms of the promised quarterly content updates.  My friends feel the same, so my main reason for purchasing Helm’s Deep (as my friends were buying it) turned out to be irrelevant.

So, for the foreseeable future, when I play lotro it will be mainly as a single player game with some casual grouping thrown in here and there.  I have been enjoying going through Berry’s Completionist Tracker and I would like to continue with that.  I would also like to finish the quests in Helm’s Deep (just a matter of persuading Dimzad to log in :P).  I think I do also just need a break, so I’m logging in only if I absolutely feel like it, rather than logging in out of habit.



  1. You’ve pretty much well summed up my current relationship with LOTRO. I have dropped down to a Premium player and will log in occasionally and when there is new content.

    But overall I’m just in a different place with regard to the game, compared to how I was when I discovered it back in 2008.

    It’s a fact of the life that things change overtime, so I reflect upon the good times I have had both directly and indirectly through playing the game.

    1. yeah I feel a bit disappointed but am not bitter or angry about it – there does seem to be a general malaise about the game, which is a shame but not necessarily permanent, we shall see – I just wish we had another suitable MMO to go to! (our timing with Vanguard could have been far better :P)

  2. LOTRO is my gaming nowadays and sadly have felt RW slowly pushing it out…luckily getting a little social fellowship going on Saturdays which is fun and that may just pull me through this malaise…

    1. hope your fellowship carries on going – I always had the best of times grouping up with friends 🙂

      in fact it’s the one thing that is guaranteed to get to me to log in, is if one of my friends say I need help or come and do this for deed… 🙂

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