[ESO] A skein of screenshots

For some unknown reason I was wondering what the collective noun of screenshots would be (if it existed)  I ended up stealing the collective noun for ducks (in flight) for semi-alliterative purposes.



    1. hiya 🙂 yes a lot of fun at the moment 🙂 I’m really enjoying the combat, nice to be active when fighting. It’s also nice having such a minimalistic UI, though there are addons which add more detail but I probably won’t use them until I start end-game (whenever that is). The phasing is fantastic (except some situations when grouped…) it’s the first MMO I’ve played where things actually change after you’ve saved the *whatever*. Quests are very well done, no kill ten rats or fetch and carry quests. They’ve really picked up on little details from the previous games which is really cool… hmm maybe I should stop playing and write a blog post 😀

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