printing screenshots


I’ve quite often wished that I could take some of my favourite screenshots and be able to display them in my home.  After investigating options at a photoshop and finding out the quality / resolution wasn’t necessarily good enough, I suddenly realised that I was being rather thick…  all I had to do was print them out on photographic paper – doh!

You can see an approximation of the results below – my phone camera hasn’t really caught the detail or quality in these.  The first print (Elder Scrolls Online) is incredibly sharp and detailed and looks amazing.  For the second print (Lord of the Rings Online), I had to make a few adjustments to get more detail (upped the contrast and I changed it to black and white).



The screenshots are widescreen and so the edges are cropped slightly so they fit on A4 paper.  I am really pleased with the results, I just need to decide where to put them now.

For future screenshots as prints, I would make sure my graphics were maxed and anti-aliasing was on.  I may also experiment with A5 size shots (using fit to page) as this should also increase the picture quality.

ps. as you can see I may take good screenshots but am a terrible photographer 😛



    1. thanks 🙂 and… home printer! just used supermarket glossy photographic paper – couldn’t believe it had been staring me in the face all this time 😛

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