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post 3 of blaugust

So as I’ve previously mentioned I’ve switched mains in ESO, (temporarily maybe) to the sorc.  Long time readers of this blog may be falling off their chairs currently as I normally HATE playing spellcasters…  Well all I can say is that preferably my nightblade would be my main but as the people I am playing with are with the Ebonheart Pact, I don’t want to roll and level another nightblade and I have a VR1 sorc in Ebonheart… it’s a matter of pragmatism I suppose.

first off, I understand that some people are worried that with the new dye system coming, the immersion with realistic and toned down armour sets is going to be ruined.  I did agree with them until I saw my sorc’s vr1 light armour on the live  server:

aieeeee! my eyes!!!!!

So the first thing I will be doing with the dye system is a) toning this down b) choosing some colours that complement each other.  She is currently wearing a disguise – well, would you want anyone to recognise you in this? 😛

I’ve also been playing around with various specs.  After some reading around, I’ve found an aoe spec and single target spec mostly oriented for soloing but also work for casual grouping. (points into all sorc passives, light armour passives and destruction staff passives – resto staff as second weapon)

AOE Spec

so I have (from L-R)

  • Lightning Form morphed to Thundering Presence
  • Lightning Splash morphed to Liquid Lightning
  • Impulse morphed to Elemental Ring
  • Mages’s Fury morphed to Endless Fury
  • Unstable clannfear (in groups I drop this and choose another aoe)
  • Ultimate: Great Storm Atronach

Generally I run into a group of mobs with Liquid Lightning ready to drop.  Then Lightning Form, then I spam Elemental Ring with Liquid Lighning and light attacks until they’re dead.  Which is normally quite quickly.  It doesn’t require any skill whatsoever, it’s pretty ridiculous.  It’s also quite fun 😛

single target

This is someone else’s pvp setup they posted (I’ve lost the link so I’m really sorry I can’t credit them).  However, I normally tinker with this and tend to switch out Bolt Escape for my pet for pve.  I’m still a bit over reliant on my pet even though it is starting to become apparent that it’s not doing much.  It does help when you’re facing 3 or more mobs but otherwise not so much.

  • Crystal Shard morphed to Crystal Fragments
  • Daedric Curse morphed to Velocious Curse
  • Force Shock morphed to Crushing Shock
  • Bolt Escape (not sure how I’ll morph this, not quite worked out if it’s useful for me, perhaps if I pvp more)
  • Mages’s Fury morphed to Endless Fury
  • Ultimate: Soul Strike (again not sure of how I’ll morph this)

I’ve found this build to be really useful for single target world bosses.

I play around with both builds though, I’ll switch out maxed skills to level other skills.  They are pretty good starting points though and even more importantly, they got me out of my comfort zone and made me try experimenting with different skills.





  1. My sorcerer quickly became my main, despite trying the other classes first.

    For PvE I tend to run a Destruction/Resurrection, my damage build is focused on crowd control with Shattering Prison morphed from encase (dark magic) and unstable wall of elements blasting the are damage too. My shared skill tends to be light armours Annulment to negate direct damage.

    I’m looking forward to the Dye system but I’m not sure how much you will be able to change the colour, I heard that it could just be the armour highlights/edging rather than the main colour.

    1. ah cool, i have used wall of elements and liked it so I have that to swap in – haven’t tried the encase/shattering prison though – will have to check that out (and annulment) thanks 🙂

      I found this link about applying dyes (scroll down for examples of the different dying you can do) i think we are going to be able to dye most of it
      fingers crossed anyway 🙂

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