crafting in real life

post 4 of blaugust

So finally a post to tell you a little bit more about me.  I’m a crafter in real life.  I’ve been making stuff since I was quite small, a family tradition I guess as my Mum, my Nan and Great Nans are/were all very talented.

My speciality is probably hand-stitching.  I do in fact have a Master’s degree in Textile Conservation (I always nearly type conversation :P) which is basically preserving historical textile objects.  I’m not currently working in the field as now that I have a child I can’t follow the work around (the work is mainly short term contracts and you really need to be able to move around the country / world).  There may be a way back but I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve made a few geeky things (mainly for my little boy):

and some not so geeky things (again these were mostly for my little boy):

a well loved cushion, a well loved robot, a knitted bowl and a covered notebook

I’ve just started to learn to crochet, hoping to make some geeky amigurumi and I have a *massive* backlog of projects in progress… they will get finished – one day 😀

I didn’t design these (except the notebook) so if anyone wants the links to how-tos, let me know and I’ll try and dig them out.

I’ve also been wanting to cross-stitch the Elder Scrolls Online logo but I’m having a hard time converting it to a pattern.  I’m also thinking about these Lord of the Rings Online pieces – deceptively simple I think.  Well what with blogging, gaming and crafting as well as all the other stuff that goes on in life – plenty to keep me busy 🙂



      1. Oh i know the feeling, i get the initial excitement, then lose steam.. then I begin to wonder what would i do with them when completed? then abandon most of the projects lol

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