ESO, birthdays and erm crochet?

post 5 of blaugust

well I’m not feeling very inspired to write today mostly because I am very irritated about something and finding it hard to mentally shake this off.  It’s nothing serious just something highly annoying 😛

So I’m going to try a different style of post and see how that goes.

Elder Scrolls
I currently can’t get the client to work on my PC after today’s patch.  I have a ticket in with customer support and it has now been passed onto a different team.  The CS have been great so far, very quick to respond, hopefully a solution will be found soon.  It’s the crashing on starting (error 11) with the repair wanting to re-download the whole thing problem, which I gather a number of people have.  Fortunately for me, it patched fine on Dimzad’s PC so I will be able to play tonight and have been able to check out the new dye stations (they’re great!)

It’s Dimzad’s birthday tomorrow and I can’t wait as I think I’ve done quite well with finding cool pressies for him this year 🙂  It’s the littlun’s birthday in two weeks (he’ll be 6 – yikes!) he’s not getting the xbox that he wants (the playstation we have will do him fine :P) but he should get a good mix of things he’s been wanting.  A family party to organise too – we do his party for his school friends before the end of term.  As both mine and Dimzad’s birthday were in the 6 weeks’ we both have memories of absolutely dismal birthdays cos all our friends were out or on holiday.  So yes it will be my birthday a week after his 🙂

There are other family member’s birthdays and some friends in August too.  It’s a busy month which is why I was fairly trepidatious (is that a word?!) about signing up for blaugust.

I actually managed to crochet something yesterday evening 😀  After a few attempts over the last year, it suddenly clicked last night.  If I make anything cool, I’ll post it up.



  1. TESO patched fine on my PC but had the 11 error on my wife’s machine. I copied the files over from my machine which resolved the problem as a side-side to avoid redownloading it. Maybe an option for you if you have one working version and slower internet speeds.

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