Dyeing to suit

post six of blaugust

I’ve managed to find some time to play around with the new dye system and I’m really liking it.  It’s very flexible, gives you a reason to pursue achievements and the colours are varied and affect the different materials in some very cool ways.

I generally prefer to go for muted colours, especially for a nightblade thief or ranger type character, but I have 4 (one of each class) which allows for some colour fun.  It is clear that I am over-reliant on black at this stage 😛  Also I only have 1 character at VR levels, so no proper armour sets yet, I do like that you can pull together mis-matched bits and bobs of armour with the colour system now.

Eldae Seren: lvl 35 Bosmer Nightblade thief

dyes used are Coldharbour Ash Black and Hunding Gold (Doomcrag Verdigris on the belt).   Nice muted colours suitable for skulking, loitering & eavesdropping 🙂

Eldae Tharen: lvl 22 vampire Dunmer Templar:

dyes used are Coldharbour Ash Black and Indomitable Violet.  Black and purple seemed like typical vamp-ish colours – colours of the night I suppose.

Eldae Cosades: lvl 43 Imperial Dragonknight:

dyes used are Coldharbour Ash Black and Hunding Gold (see the difference in finish between the heavy armour here and the medium armour in first)  She basically runs around setting everything on fire so I figured she didn’t need any subtlety.  I actually quite like the hat now it’s dyed although my 6 year old little boy may not like her wearing it (she’s his favourite character and he always gets a silly smile when he sees her :))

Eydis the Wanderer: VR2 Nord Sorcerer

Finally my sorc.  My old lady.  As fond as I’ve become of this character, I have no idea about how she should look.  If she were younger I might give her a more revealing, feminine look… wait… what am I saying?  Am I saying that because she’s old she needs to hide herself?  Give her a nice cardigan, sensible shoes and a blue rinse?  Ok this outfit needs rethinking 🙂  It was a horrendous outfit to dye, there is very heavy detailing which highlights like a neon sign.  I do like how the Coldharbour Ash Black has a worn look (used Dolmen Deep Blue for the few highlights).  I hate the look though and I hate stuffing her into an invisible old lady box – new mission – find a new outfit for Eydis.


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