My top ten dungeons #9 (Deathfist Citadel)

blaugust post # 8

So number 9 is Deathfist Citadel, EQ2

Oh this dungeon was FUN!  I was fortunate to do the whole thing at level with on level friends. It included the whole heritage quest build up (including the epic camp-fest of Sentry Goorlux) through to killing the gatekeeper to actually get in.  Then running the gauntlet of killing the soldiers that continually spawn and attack you (I think until you kill one of the nameds), while you’re continually being hit by arrows from the archers on the battlements.  It was pretty deadly which is why quite often, we sneaked in via the sewers instead.  That held its own dangers but was slightly safer.


There are a ton of nameds and quests in this dungeon, which is huge and encompasses both outside and inside areas.  I particularly remember the Arena as being pretty fun.  Inside the Arena you fight the Champion Kraz’k as amusement for Emperor Fyst.  The Champion has a nasty knockback which sends you into the walls… which are covered in… spikes!  nasty 🙂  Alchemist Yallessul used to charm a member of your party to attack you – bad luck if it was your tank or healer.  Emperor Fyst used to be a x2 raid mob (still intended for a group to beat but much more challenging than a normal heroic named boss).  This used to be a fun fight too, he also had an epic knockback, which could send you flying off the top of the citadel down into the citadel grounds… it was a long run back.



  1. One of the pities of EQII is that a lot of great content is gathering dust in the sub-50 part of the game that is too easy to zip past now. Deathfist Citidel was a neat run back in the day, but it isn’t the same running it when you have mentored of chrono-mage’d down to level as it was running it when it was live, active, at-level content. Too many additional skills and AA abilities and what not have left it out of tune with the times.

    1. The mentoring / chrono mentoring does have its faults (well the um general god-like overpoweredness) but I’ve found myself missing this in other MMOs. I enjoyed your post, brought some memories – thanks for linking it 🙂 I was probably running it around the same time.

  2. Deathfist Citadel is another dungeon I have mixed feelings about (actually, I think I have mixed feelings about everything in EQ2! Well, except for ratongas. 🙂 The first time I went there it was already old content but I was still a relative noob in EQ2. I was invited by a mixed group of veterans and others who were also new to the dungeon. I guess that is the part where my mixed feelings come from. Being new I was really confused by everything that was going on even though I think the group tried to explain what we were supposed to do. Just not so much the why.

    Eventually I returned there, many times, when I wasn’t so much a noob, learned a lot more about the whole dungeon, about the fights and I think it helped me in my learning on how to tank properly too. I mean, you really learn the importance about positioning as a tank and to keep your back to something solid when you have a boss fight that can knock you back like Emperor Fyst! :p

    1. yeah… I was really lucky in that the guild I was in, we all knew each other very well and we mostly figured stuff out together as we went. Even with that, it was pretty confusing for me the first few times I was in there, getting lost and why do we go there first etc…

      and yes was a great dungeon to learn tanking in!

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