it wasn’t me… honest guv

I’d thought I’d write out some of my more erm… less glorious moments.

I’m saying sorry – this must have been my fault 😛 can’t remember why though! (Fallen Gate Dungeon in The Commonlands)

EQ2 Shard of Hate. My first night out raiding with our new raiding alliance.  Desperate to show my leet skillz… within half an hour I ranger-pulled* the first named with some adds 😛  We didn’t actually wipe but my face was flame-red for ages.

EQ2 Mistmoore Catacombs.  This was a fast repopping open dungeon.  We were standing in a doorway while waiting for someone to come back from AFK.  I spot a shiny in the middle in the room.  I am CONVINCED that I can nudge into the room just enough to grab it.  I can’t.  Room Pull.  We didn’t wipe by some miracle (the healer I think, nothing to do with me).

(*most of my ‘best’ moments in EQ2 were caused by shinies or the dreaded accidental ranger pull – I had to macro all my combat attacks to switch on ranged  attacks rather than melee – if I got lazy and didn’t used /assist (absolute pain in multi-mob and trash fights) and targeted through tank or assist, I ranged attacked as soon as they targeted something)

Lotro: Fornost (before it was split into wings).  First outing with my kin, we were going through here and it wasn’t massively difficult but it did still involve quite a lot of effort.  I decided to take a screenshot, and fell off the bridge because my UI was off…  It took over 20 minutes for my kin to come rescue me and then get back to where we were….

(another top cause, screenshots – mostly involves my own death though)

ESO.  I completely re-skilled, I decided the best way to get to grips with the new skill set would be go into one of the open soloable dungeons.   There was some poor Nightblade in there, who ended up watching me spectacularly Leeroy into two packs of mobs and die.  I had completely forgotten what the skills were, where they were and what they did…  I rezzed at a wayshrine and logged off out of embarrassment.

There are many more examples but surely I can’t be the only one?  What’s your best not-glorious moment? 🙂



  1. I think shinies in EQ2 caused more death than any raid boss. 🙂

    My most embarrassing moment was in EQ2, when I was a still a noobie shadow knight and didn’t know how to differentiate AoEs from regular spells.

    That kind of ignorance hit me really hard when the… D’Morte dungeon, I think, it was, stopped being a paid adventure pack and became part of the content that you could buy with an expansion. Somehow I convinced people from the guild I just joined in to give that place a go.

    Since I was still pretty much a noobie I didn’t feel confident enough to tank so someone else did. The problem was I didn’t know which of my abilities were AoE’s and which ones were single target. So we had quite a few wipes because we got more mobs than we could handle thanks to the idiot here using AoEs at the wrong time!

    After that I made sure that with every character I played I would organize my skill bar in a way that AoEs were grouped in one place, single-target skills in another and buffs in another. This way I would never confuse my abilities again!

    That is the one I will never forget. I am pretty sure there were other embarassing moments I had but I can’t remember any other with as much details. I know there were times when I was the tank and accidentaly hit the feign death button, but most of the time I noticed it before anyone else died and recovered. There were times where I had a pretty terrible build with my monk and couldn’t control my aggro, thus stealing mobs from the tank and getting myself squashed. Or I was in my healer and had myself targeted, was healing furiously and wondering why the tank wasn’t getting healed! Probably even did the “accidental evac” at least once too. 🙂

    1. ha not just me 😀 actually I’d forgotten about the accidental evac! I only did it once but that was enough! and oh yes, I was in Nizara tanking on my SK and I forgot the cardinal rule that if you have a ranger in your group, never tab target 😀

      thanks for commenting – great fun, especially the accidental feign death 😀

  2. Age of Conan – The Big Giant Worm fight (or Yakhmar’s Cave as some like to call it).
    I liked this fight because the layout: –Cave door —- Big Worm–, was one of the few I could navigate without getting lost. The fight was relatively simple – kill trash round the sides, kill big worm – but even 1 fire damage would make the whole thing go boom. The fight usually went like this: 2 hours to get 24 people together, 3 mins to wipe due to fire damage, 10 mins shouting at people to check their gear, 2 mins to wipe due to fire damage, 30 mins of raid leader explaining in painful detail what reflective damage meant and so on.
    In the middle of a particularly excruciating session of 5 wipes I was idly mousing over my gear thinking ‘pfft noobs’ when I found an arm thing with the dreaded reactive fire damage. Now I don’t know how this happened because I had tanked this thing a lot and had a special Big Giant Worm set, I can only imagine that it had been planted on me by, um… evil forces.
    And when I say me, I mean of course that this happened to a friend, I have no idea who Yakhmar is and have never been to the Eiglophian Mountains.

    1. oh your poor friend 😛 a similar thing happened to a ‘friend of mine’ too. Tarinax the Destroyer (nasty raid end boss) also had something similar – I can’t quite remember but it was something like dots healed him – we had wipe after wipe after wipe. The pug raid leader was screaming at people for being stupid, it was 3 am and I was half killing myself laughing and half thinking WTF? chill out dudette! Turned out, my absolutely useless de-aggro eagle had a dot on it or something. Not that I admitted to it 😛 I can’t quite remember the details and fight has changed now… I think we did manage it somehow, Tarinax never dropped my bow, the stingy bony so and so and I had a nightmare run around Solusek’s Eye trying to find the raid armour barterer at 4 am… I was practically in tears by the time I found him 😀

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