More geeky apps

Blaugust Day 10

These are game specific apps I use or browse through from time to time.  I only have android gadgets so the links are for google play – I don’t know if there are equivalents for ios (for most, there probably are).  Previous geeky app post.

Elder Scrolls

  • TES books free
    complete collection of the Elder Scrolls books, covering Daggerfall to Skyrim – you know you said you’d read the books you collect *this* time? well you can read them on the bus / *other suitable location* now 😛
  • Collectors Logbook free
    keep track of the items you have collected in Skyrim, particularly useful to keep track of skill books
  • Skyrim Crafter free (limited but useable) or pro (84p)
    Guide to smithing and alchemy, plus tells you which items to make to make the most money.
  • Skyrim Alchemy free (limited but useable) or pro (99p)  
    Does much the same as Crafter but limited to alchemy, can also add character perks, character gear to accurately predict outcomes.
  • skyrim dragonshouts  free
    All the dragonshouts in the game, shouted in your choice of accents (e.g.  male, female, alduin).  Just fun really 🙂
  • Elder Scrolls Online Tools free
    set of tools, e.g. alchemy ingredients, dye colours, traits researched, horse management andmuch more.  Although addons do a great job, sometimes its nice to access info outside the game.  You do need to input your own data.

lord of the rings (and lord of the rings online)

  • lotro travel free
    great guide to travelling quickly across middle earth.  NB is currently crashing on tablets, works great on phone.
  • lotr Project £1.00
    includes family trees, interactive middle earth map, interactive timeline, today in middle earth, news, quotes and more
  • Real Elvish Translator 62p
    it translates sentences from English into Quenya.  As far as I can tell it does a good job in translation, however it can be tricky formulating your sentence to match the words available in Quenya.  Reading the instructions will give you far better results.
  • Tengwar Transcriber free
    transcribes Quenya or Sindarin into Tengwar (elvish script).  I believe it is mostly accurate but you may want to back the results up with other sources.  It will also transcribe English into the script but it does not translate – don’t use it for a tattoo 😛

Any other apps I should include?


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