My top ten dungeons #8 (Ward of Elements)

Post 11 of Blaugust

Number 8 is the Ward of Elements, EQ2

This zone is a x2 raid zone and I was running this raid at end game.  It fell between Veeshan’s Peak and the Shadow Odyssey’s raid zones and allowed you to upgrade your heroic shard armour to raid shard armour.  I can’t remember exactly how good it was, but it was at least good while you were gearing up with drops from the Shadow Odyssey raids.  Or were there some good unique items in there?  anyway…

I liked this raid zone as it was fairly easy and straightforward but you still needed to concentrate and pay attention.  It also wasn’t quite as heavily scripted as some of the Veeshan’s Peak / Shadow Odyssey raids either.  It’s also possibly because the raid trophy you could get for your guild hall was one of my favourites.

Digg was possibly the worst named… mainly because you had to traverse a slope running round a bottomless pit, while he sat on an island in the middle.  Its also pitch black.  I died more times trying to get to Digg than I did fighting him.  The fight itself was quite fun, with him shouting out various things (badger was among them I think:P) and there were various counters.  There was also a massive bubble you had to get inside from time to time.

Aiden was quite fun though.  A) you were fighting a dragon and that’s always fun B) you could stop or reduce the amount of adds during his flight phases by moving rocks in front of the caves where they spawned.  I thought that was quite a neat mechanic and when it was released not actually quite as easy as it sounds.


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