back to my Nightblade

Dimzad and Eldae

So after a couple of months of faffing around wondering what was happening and which character I might end up playing.  I’m back to my Nightblade 🙂  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that I won’t be playing her with Dimzad and friends as they just not really into ESO or maybe MMOs.  I was thinking about carrying on with Eydis the sorc in the Ebonheart Pact as she is VR2 but I suddenly realised how furious I would be when the Thieves Guild eventually arrives.  Eydis is not my thief, she’s not ‘my’ character.  As much as I like her, she is the alt to be parked and played when I want something a bit different.  I don’t know how to play a sorcerer, I don’t want to know how to play a sorcerer.  Although I’ve had a lot of fun with both the aoe spamalot build and the slightly more thoughtful single target build – it still just isn’t how I like to play.

So anyway I can now play my Nightblade without worrying about getting out of sync with anyone.  I’m currently using a Bow and Resto staff, I’m not entirely happy with my builds.  The bow build is far too stamina reliant and the Resto build needs to be worked to be more ranged.  I’ll probably also have a dual wield build too.

I’ve found a new guild (in the right faction this time) and they seem like a nice bunch.  Hopefully it’ll all work out 🙂


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