Storming Heart’s Grief [ESO SPOILERS]

post 29 of Blaugust

(huge screenshot dump below)

so I finally finished the main questline in ESO with my nightblade.  I quite enjoyed the story and I did really like the way we took Coldharbour by sections, and then stormed his castle piece by piece.  Felt quite neat.  I was sick of harvesters by the time I finished though – they are such a pain in the bum.  The final coldharbour quest isn’t instanced so it is a bit disconcerting to be with other people for this stage, I think this would have felt better if it were a solo instance.  For example, I zoned in and the gate keeper (?) was killed just as I entered which was a bit annoying… especially as it updated the quest.  I really enjoyed the library parts, where you had to light the library fires, travel through a dark room and finally the statue room – the puzzle elements are quite nice and make a change from fighting.

Once I’d completed the Coldharbour objectives, I started the final quest God of Schemes.  The initial waves of adds were the hardest fight I found during this quest,  it seemed to downscale in difficulty after this, which especially for the Molag Bal fight, was a real shame.  It did still feel fairly epic though.  Anyway, so after getting through those waves and a nasty daedroth we ended up at the Seat of Tyranny (we could have done with the Chair of Supreme Comfort but well… we made do).  It was time for the ritual and this being Elder Scrolls Online, of course I had to choose a sacrifice.  I ended up choosing Veren mainly because I thought the blossoming romance between Sai-Sahan and Lyris was too sweet to mess up by sacrificing one of them plus it seemed fitting that as Veren started this crisis, he should end it.  Would have been a lot better if he’d just volunteered though, I’m not sure why we needed ‘choice’ there.   Anyway being infused with Veren’s spirit and powered by the Amulet of Kings I had a fantastic time stomping through daedra and blowing down walls.

I love the bit where Molag Bal picks you up and threatens you until you use the skill Sacrifice of Courage.  He then shrinks to a slightly more manageable level (and his power is reduced) and the fight begins.  As I hinted at earlier this fight is now so easy that I did most of it with my UI switched off…  But given that I was mainly heavy attacking with a resto stick, it took a little while and still felt like I had put in some effort.  So that’s that, the main story over.  Meridia did give a nice reason of why I was to experience the other factions – I have been noticed by the Daedric Princes and the tasks ahead will require me to have understanding and experience of the other factions.  Oh I got to reclaim my soul too 🙂



  1. Yup, some sort of ranged attack, some sort of self-heal (tbh, I like degeneration from the mage’s guild line. About every 6th hit you do is a full heal while you’re all buffed) and MB goes down easy.

  2. I picked Varen too as it seemed to tie up the narrative. I guess this means there will be no appearances of these 3 characters in future stuff. I found the fight weirdly easy considering what a hard time I have had in the earlier chapters. Actually I’m feeling a bit ‘game over’ at the moment, Logged back into Lotro for the first time in a while and found a bit of Gondor has appeared – wondering if I can put up with 28 more token types and endgame involving buckets or whatever stupid bits they’ve added.

    1. Yeah I know how you feel, I think joining a busy guild and doing some dungeons or pvp even might help with that. I’ve joined here and they seem a nice bunch, busy but not ridiculously so 🙂 If you ever want to duo some non-vet dungeons / anything really – let me know 🙂

      I logged back into lotro and gondor is pretty stunning – I may get some time once the schools are back to run through the questlines… but hmm I don’t know…

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