DA: Inquisition so far (no spoilers)

So thought I’d write up my opinion of Dragon Age: Inquisition so far…  Am rubbish at reviews so I’ll just do a list of good and bad stuff.

the good:

  • the world is gorgeous, huge and feels very deep.  I’ve nearly completed the main quest and have done much of the side areas, yet I feel as though there is much, much more to discover.
  • TONS of stuff to do and most of it is optional and able to be done if or when you feel like it.  Some of the tasks are a little MMO-y but it’s a nice balance to the heavy main story / companion quests.
  • the crafting system is also very good (also completely optional) but you can create yourself some great gear tailored exactly to your needs.  10% chance to proc Hidden Blades on bow auto-attack? why yes, I think I will 🙂
  • the companion facial expressions and voice acting – absolutely fabulous.
  • the companions – they were a bit underwhelming in the first stages of the game but as you get to know them, you get to see a lot of sweet, funny and thought provoking stories.
  • the music score – honestly I’m blaming the music for getting a bit erm watery eyed at some of the story moments 😛
  • the look of the armour – it is just gorgeous.
  • the tarot card art is exquisite and I’m kicking myself for not pre ordering the physical limited edition so I could own them…
  • character customisation.
  • Skyhold – so huge I am constantly getting lost.  Love being able to customise some of the decor.
  • Playing an elven inquisitor (and romancing Solas) has really given the game an extra layer of depth, given all the revelations we find out during the game.

the so-so:

  • the combat is well combat really.  Nothing wrong with it as such but closing the nth rift does get a bit tiring.  This isn’t a problem exclusive to Inquisition though.  Some of the fights (dragons for example) are very fun and challenging though.
  • companion banter – I’m not sure if mine is working as intended as they seem a bit too quiet.  They are investigating this.
  • the inquisitor Skyhold outfit.  Just very blah…  wish they would give options for this (i.e. the formal wear or your adventuring gear).  My elf looks terrible in it.  It’s not high on my list of priorities I have to admit though.

the not-so-good:

  • the UI has again been console-ized and is a bit clunky as a result.  I don’t know why this keeps happening for the PC versions of games and unfortunately, unlike Skyrim, it is very doutbtful it will be solved by mods.
  • no right click automove and loot – just ugh really.
  • can’t rename save files – such a little thing, so annoying.
  • the tactics for companions have been completely dumbed down and are so limited in option that I can’t be bothered to look at it.
  • no ui toggle for screenshots.  the world is gorgeous I have no idea why they made it so difficult for us to take gorgeous pictures to post.
  • They are looking into the PC concerns, hopefully some of this will be patched in.


  1. Interesting – I spent the first 30 hours hating the game so much that I wished I had pursued my childhood ambition to become a multi-billionaire so I could buy Bioware and persecute all its employees and their offspring even unto the 7th generation. This was because I had just done a fabulous DA:O playthrough with mods I’d never used before and I was expecting DA:O 2. I purposely avoided all Inquistion game footage foolishly believing the ‘made for PC’ garbage so the shock was huge (almost as huge as the size of the text in Inquisition).
    Anyway gradually my rage subsided and I began to enjoy the game. Now after about 70 hours of play (couple of restarts due to needing a nose job) I’m left with a pretty similar list to yours. Except I can’t do crafting, the UI is just too clunkly. I’ve managed to get a reasonable controls set up using razer mouse – now if they would only let me rebind LMB so I can stop beheading Elfroots ..

    Oh and, as you say, renaming save save files – this is drving me a bit nuts, Was it Skyhold 37:41 or Skyhold 36:25 that I want to hang on to because of ki… erm,. important plot development 🙂

  2. hi 🙂 am on 2nd playthrough and I’m actually pretty impressed with the game – part of me misses the huge story areas from Origins but then I remember whinging about how ‘on rails’ Origins was so I guess in that sense they can’t win 😉 But I’m actually starting to think Inquisition might be the better game if I discount nostalgia / the Origins companions / pc tweaks needed. enjoying it hugely anyway 😀

    I’ve bumped the difficulty up to hard for this 2nd playthrough and I’m finding the combat a lot more fun and rewarding. I may even attempt a Nightmare playthrough as the difficulty still doesn’t seem to match Origins on normal but I don’t want to micro manage fights so maybe not..

    and yes, not being able to find those erm ‘important plot developments’ is not good 😛

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