SPOILERS – DA Inquisition choices

ramblings that probably most of you won’t be interested in 🙂

I found the choices in DA Origins and DA2 mostly fairly straightforward.  OK, originally the decision whether or not to take up Morrigan’s offer with the old god baby ritual was pretty tough (and I now know that taking her up on the offer is actually quite good, although it still feels quite icky with Alistair) and after a couple of years mulling… I don’t think I should have killed Anders.  The rest of the big decisions in these two games were fairly clear cut for me.

Inquisition though…  I’ve played 2 versions, taking different choices in each and I really don’t know how I prefer my game to play out.  So these are the choices I’m not sure of:

mages or templars.  Previous games I’ve been pretty much on the mages’ side.  In Inquisition, both sides are worthy of saving.  The templars have the lovely Ser Barris and the lower ranked templars trying to hold true to the templar cause but they are facing corruption from their superiors without the knowledge to counter it.  The mages also have no idea what they have got theirselves into, it’s mostly caused by the (desperate) idiocy of Fiona.  The mages here are lost, having gone from being sheltered and protected (or imprisoned in all but name – depending upon their circle) to having freedom, no direction and enemies all around.  Then of course, there is time travel with Dorian.  That in itself is a huge reason to choose the mage story.  Dorian is fantastic.

hawke or stroud.  This shouldn’t have been a tough choice as I quite liked Stroud as a character and never felt that connected to Hawke.  However, I felt bad for Varric and Fenris if Hawke dies and it does feel weird killing off your own character.

who drinks from the well.  In my first playthrough, I allowed Morrigan to drink from the well.  However, if she had a child, her character progression is very touching and drinking from the well ties her to Flemeth/Mythal.  She has spent much of her life trying to escape this.  So, in my second playthrough, my character drank from the well.  The scene that followed was amazing – my elven character met one of her gods…  Do I want my inquisitor bound to Mythal though?

solas or cullen. well, I’m not worrying too much over this one.  Solas is incredibly written and voiced and although the romance arc is pretty short, it is also pretty intense and obviously the reveal after the credits gives the whole experience even more depth.  Cullen has, I suppose, a more satisfying romance arc.  Obviously again well written and voiced.  It’s not as sugary sweet as it may initially appear as Cullen’s memories of Kinloch Hold and his lyrium addiction aren’t going to go away.

Ugh, I think I have to go with the mages (cos, you know… time travel with Dorian…) and I’m leaning towards drinking from the well…  I still don’t know with Hawke or Stroud though…

and there are so many questions…  I really hope that we haven’t seen the last of Flemeth or Morrigan.  I love those characters (and their voice actresses are amazing).  I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Solas but I hope he doesn’t become Anders V2.  (Anders was quite sympathetic in Awakening but in DA2 there was absolutely nothing you could do….)

how long do you reckon till DLC / DA4?!



    1. i still can’t decide – keep changing my mind! I suddenly realised that if my inquisitor drank from the well, then mythal/fen’harel has control of the inquisition… yikes? maybe…

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