DA: Inquisition – achievements and multiplayer

So I’m actually now on my third playthrough of Inquisition.  I haven’t done a full completionist playthrough yet (and if I’m honest, I probably won’t) but I’ve nearly completed all of the Origin achievements, mostly by accident…  The ones I have left are Nightmare difficulty, getting 100 approval at Halamshiral (my last playthrough I was at 98… 98! *screeches*) and upgrading potions etc more than 30 times…  I could probably log into an old playthrough, buy the herbs and just plough through that one.


So I thought I’d try a “disaster Thedas!” world state, in which I chose all the mean and horrible options in the keep, made a male character that I thought looked a bit like Lord Flashheart and I thought I might try romancing Dorian for a change.  I got to level 9 and couldn’t live with the fact that I gave Fenris back to his old slave-master and um… restarted with my more usual goody-two shoes world state.

The nightmare difficulty (friendly fire off, I will admit) is actually quite a lot of fun.  It is more of a challenge (though not frustratingly so) and I imagine that the dragon fights will be a lot of fun.

I’ve also changed my mind and decided to romance Cassandra – she is such a fantastic character *disgusted noise* and I love that the first time you flirt with her, you get ‘cassandra slightly disapproves’.  So it’s going to be a bit weird, playing a guy romancing a girl, like I’m back in the 90s world of video games or something 😉

I’ve also been duoing some of the multiplayer zones with a friend (meant for 4 ppl).  This has been really good fun although we’ve obviously died a lot in the process (mostly death by giggling and chatting and not really paying attention :D)  The characters have some dialogue – the legionnaire goes on (and on) about the deep roads and the arcane warrior is bizarrely fixated on the ham he had at camp.  The arcane warrior is pretty overpowered though – in a good way *cough* and really fun to play.  I was at the end of zone 3 in the picture below and was finally defeated by a nasty combo of a fear demon, an envy demon, a bogfisher and a wave of other ‘things’.

Arcane Warrior
Keeper and Legionnaire

The zones are gorgeous though and a lot of fun to play.  As there are only two of us, the going is a bit slow but when that’s weighed against the fact we can chat freely and not worry if we room pull, make silly mistakes or get lost for the umpteenth time, it’s entirely worth it.



  1. All around, I think Cassanda was my favorite character. I kept wishing the game was about her and not me, especially since her “role” seemed a bit odd once the Inquisitor takes over with the three advisers.

    1. As much as I love Cassandra, I couldn’t actually see her as either the leader or as divine (she’s too blunt and I think she’d hate either job – although maybe that’s what’s needed, an end to the stupid game).

      I do agree though, she does have an odd role, I was surprised she wasn’t an advisor / companion at least…

    1. It’s a fantastic game in my opinion. Once you get your head round the differences to Origin & 2, it’s just huge… so much to do (much of it entirely optional). There are some great OMG moments, some of our questions have been answered but the mysteries only get deeper… ugh I want DA4 already 😛

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