*ahem* ESO :D

well I’m very glad that I didn’t make any grand statements about never playing MMOs again…  Since just before the the buy to play conversion I’ve immersed myself back into ESO and I am so glad I came back 🙂

One of the Hideouts
One of the Hideouts

It is so much fun to be able to be a sneaky thief again, even though the Thieves Guild isn’t in game yet, we do have a Hideout and a Fence.  I’d forgotten how addictive the thrill of stealing from under people’s noses is 😀  Currently, it is fairly easy – as easy as it is in Skyrim at any rate.  The NPCs do path more though so I did get caught once which ended quite badly as the NPC who caught me, attacked me and I had to kill him as I couldn’t zone out while in combat.  I then had to kill another NPC who either didn’t like me killing his friend or I caught with an aoe.  So I was a wanted murderer and kill-on-sight by the guards.  They are easy to avoid though and I paid my bounty off in the Hideout.

sneaking in Vulkhel Guard

It’s taking me a while to get back into combat.  Quite a bit has changed since I last played and I’m trying out a new build.   I’m liking it so far, though I need to level up some skills before I get the full benefit… I think my gear must suck badly (or something) as I’ve noticed other people breezing through content without dropping any health or maybe it’s just me…  I’m close to VR5 though, so I’ll make some new gear then and hopefully that will make a difference.   In reality, I probably need to stop thieving and start actually playing 😛

I am there…

are you getting the idea from the screenshots that I like sneaking?  yeah 😉



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