hags & crones unite

I ran through Crow’s Wood public dungeon with a friend recently.  I love this zone (a pocket of Evergloam) it’s really atmospheric and the colours are gorgeous.  The story is also quite fun, you are tasked with finding Telbaril Oran’s father, who has gone missing.  After investigating a run down house and speaking to a talking crow, you need to find Blackfeather Court.  I can’t quite work out the exact timeline of the quest but it appears that Rulantaril (the father) made a bargain with the Crow Mother which he then reneged on by locking her in the tower.  He then agreed a new deal where he would be taught her magic, but he had to remain at her side, which also trapped him in the tower.

crow mother
image from UESP wiki

When you meet the Crow Mother and find out the whole story, you get to decide whether to betray and kill the Crow Mother or make Rulantaril uphold his bargain.  We ummed and ahhed for quite a while over this, and we were laughing saying yeah that’ll be us one day.  Anyway, after saying that, we really had no choice but to side with her.   The other female character running through the zone also sided with the Crow Mother, which we took as further endorsement of our choice 😉  I do like how some of the ESO quests can make you think about your choices and look past the obvious she’s-old-and-ugly-so-must-be-evil thing.  Although, she is also a hagraven who would generally be classed as evil…  so yeah, morals… choices… 😛 I’m going to have to do this questline again, so I can pin down exactly who she is and what happens (if I can).

I just read on the UESP that the Crow Mother is the niece of Nocturnal, so my Nightblade thief definitely made the right choice.



    1. thanks – it’s such a gorgeous zone (and game) – I don’t understand why people keep talking about it being brown?! and yeah, default behavious is to sneak, as per usual 😉

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