Murf’s screenshot safari ~ selfie

el selfie


So this is a selfie of my latest character in Skyrim, from my thief playthrough of Skyrim.  I took this shot from the kill camera animation and I have had to adjust exposure as she was cloaked in shadows and very hard to see 😉

*edit* as well as eating my twitter hashtags, it’s also left out a paragraph 😛  I must have published an earlier version somehow (actually think I had it open in two browser windows… ).  so here’s the missing paragraph:

I like this selfie because it pretty much sums up my favourite type of character and playstyle.  Elder Scrolls gave me the thieving, sneaking addiction and it’s something that I’ve always tried to replicate in later games.  I have to say though, only Elder Scrolls gets the experience just right, ESO (funnily enough) is the only MMO where I’ve been able to play the way I really love – when the Justice System came in, it suddenly felt a lot more like the Elder Scrolls games that I know.  I have played ranged, stealthy characters in other MMOs (EQ2, Vanguard, Lotro) and although they were a lot of fun and very enjoyable to play, they just don’t match up to the thrill of stealthing and attacking (or stealing :P) from the shadows.

This is part of Murf’s Screenshot Safari Challenge, for the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  This is a very fun and easy challenge to take part in and there is still plenty of time to join in both the challenge and the NBI!



  1. I love this entry. It’s a bit blurry, but I think you are right that it captures your playstyle preferences. Immediately, I see the shadows and the close up and I am thinking some sort of sneaky assassin type. Very good job!

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