Bards & Dungeons

This week has been busy so far, with the NBI 2015 kicking off.  There’s still time to join in, go on,  you know you want to…

Dragon Age Inquisition had a free update with the Black Emporium (face changer & new weapon / armour goodies to buy) and a new expansion for the multiplayer.  I watched some of the launch on Twitch and the dragon fight looks epic.  I was also very lucky with one of my free lootboxes as I not only got the armour of Zither the rockstar Bard but also the highly sought after Griffon Longbow.  Zither’s voice acting is superb, he is absolutely hilarious.  The whole animation and sounds of this class are just fantastic too.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to level him up a bit and get some use out of my swanky new bow 😉

Ours Weds night group (with Aeowulf, Leronwen & Arin) is currently in ESO, and we are working our way through the non-veteran group dungeons.  The dungeons in ESO are very varied, some are quite typical underground areas but other encompass outdoor areas too, they are stunning.  The mechanics of the fights vary quite a bit too, we are overlevelled for the non-vet dungeons so we have been able to mostly strongarm our way through but I can see it will be more challenging (and fun!) once we set them as vet dungeons.

Friday night is pvp night with our guild (ESO).  I’m looking forward to that.  Since f2p, the campaigns have been a lot busier and queuing for entry is now common during peak play times.  Hopefully, if this continues, they will add a couple more campaigns.  I’m halfway to VR12 and getting closer to finally being able to chase after some proper gear and start getting my character sorted out.


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