Murf’s Screenshot Safari ~ Epic Achievement


Part of the NBI2015 (honestly, just get blogging!) and part of Murf’s Screenshot Safari.

So this is my ranger, about to face the Shade of Khalan Dar and Phara Dar for the last item needed for her mythical bow, Eagle’s Talon.  We defeated him of course 😉 This was the last stage in a quest chain that seemed to go on forever and was not easy.  This is all old content now, and has since been nerfed considerably but wow, this really felt like an achievement when I finally finished!

The epic quest chain was bad enough, involving having max rep with some very grindy factions (some of which were only able to be raised in group public dungeons), one of the hardest group encounters we ever faced (yeah I’m looking at you Enraged Wumpus) plus making sure you had completed some access quests… We then managed to organise a raid alliance to get our mythical weapons.

For the Ranger myth, I needed to take down 2 of the Veeshan’s Peak access encounters and 1 raid encounter at the end of the ginormously huge Veeshan’s Peak.  Two of those were fairly straightforward (as raid mobs go), but one of them… Venril Sathir… the tactics were totally crazy, all 24 raid members had to be absolutely on the ball – not one mistake or the raid wiped… and when I fought him, we had an upper limit of power to watch too. I do remember that the Ranger myth had the hardest to complete questline (ok that’s arguable 😛 ) as there was both the Enraged Wumpus (we two-grouped him in the end!) and Venril Sathir.  At the time, we took this as further evidence that the dev involved hated rangers 😛

So yes epic as in killing epic raid mobs, epic in difficulty, epic in length and an epic (*ahem* mythical!) reward

Oh I nearly forgot, one of the coolest things about getting your myth is that your achievement was broadcast to the whole server!  There is now an achievement called Mythical Brandisher which states  “You have met great travails and accomplished the nigh impossible. Such legends were once written to the sky, the stars forever a testament to the hero’s journey

The mythical Eagle’s Talon (I loved this bow so much!)
This message appeared on screen to every player online on your server at the time you obtained your mythical weapon 😀 This is Dimzad’s, I forgot to get a screeny of mine :O


  1. I do love the tiny things that EQII does that make moments like these feel so much more epic. First, there are the lengthy questlines, then the items wrapped in delicious lore. Finally, a global announcement that makes you feel so special!

    1. Definitely 🙂 I do miss the lengthy, difficult to get done questlines – eq2 does excel at those 😀 Some of the access quests were a complete nightmare but it was so cool to finally say ‘yeah I can zone the raid into Deathtoll’ or where ever 🙂

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