ESO and the Eldaes

ESO is continuing to be a lot of fun.

Nightblade Eldae Seren has reached VR13 and has been pvping, running non vet dungeons on a weds night in our longstanding, cross-game, weds night group, duoing Craglorn with Arin (with some help from lovely guildies) and she has a serious hat now for when things get serious…

Templar Eldae Tharen has reached VR1 and she is a fun character to pve with.  She seems to be able to wade into a fight and survive without me really concentrating (or noticing that she is at stage 4 vampirism and that her gear is over 10 levels out of date 😳 )  She has finished Coldharbour and I’m now going through the VR zones slowly (concentrating on Cadwell’s quests & delves/bosses/dolmens only).

I have a new sorcerer Eldae Star Sung (I am ridiculously pleased with this name!)   Old lady sorc Eydis the Wanderer was a lot of fun to play, but I only levelled her last year as something to do while I waited to find out what my friends and Dimzad were up to.  She was also in the ‘wrong’ faction… so she was dumped pretty quickly once I was back on my Aldmeri Nightblade 😦  So I have a new baby nord sorc in the Aldmeri Dominion to play 🙂

I’ve started uploading some more pics to Flickr (got quite of date), if anyone’s interested as well, including some of ESO.


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