ESO Addons ~ Crafting and Auction House

I find these addons really useful.

AI Research Grid: This shows the traits researched on your currently logged in character and your alts.  It also shows styles learned for each character.

ESO Master Recipe List: You can access the entire recipe list (including unknown recipes and your alts) anywhere.  It highlights the recipe needed for a writ in the provisioning screen and you can also track recipes.

Research Assistant:   This adds a simple icon in the inventory view to show whether or not you have researched a particular trait.


Awesome Guild Store:  This improves the Auction House window immeasurably.  Search with either text and/or filters.  Category filters for both your inventory and the store.

Master Merchant:  This provides a ton of information about your sales and items currently on sale.  It makes buying, selling and tracking sales so much easier.



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