ESO addons ~ Discovery

I use a lot of addons that add things to the map.  These aren’t strictly necessary but they do save checking wikis etc every 5 minutes.  They are all highly customisable so you only show the aspects you need, and you can filter most of these on the map itself, if the map is looking a bit busy 😉

Destinations: I like this addon mainly for the delve boss locations, achievement locations (e.g. the lightbringer), I like M’aiq and the fishing spots (tells you which bait and which fishes still need to be caught).  There are other POIs too.

Harvest Map:  stores and shows locations of harvest nodes you find.

Lorebooks: shows the locations of the books needed to level up the Mages Guild

Lost Treasure:  shows the locations of treasure maps and crafting surveys (rewards from crafting writs)

PublicDungeonChampions:  shows the location of the bosses and group events within the public dungeons.

Skyshards: show the locations of skyshards.


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