Preparing for Imperial City

We have about 6 weeks to go until the first DLC for ESO is released.  I am pretty excited about this, it will be great to set foot in the city at last!  Glass armour!  See the trailer, the first guide and preliminary patch notes for more information.

My main is VR14 so I will be:

  • increasing my champion points (either through normal play on my main or by levelling my VR3 templar)
  • tidying up those last few research traits on my crafters
  • fishing (for perfect roe to sell)
  • provisioning writs (for the psijic ambrosia recipe – 3 pieces left to find!)
  • working on some achievements here and there
  • keeping an eye on the PTS server notes
  • and, of course, thieving! (thieving is always necessary)

I’m not going to be worrying too much about my gear.  Given that there is going to be 2 new VR levels, new armour sets AND gameplay/combat balance changes – I really don’t think it’s worth it. I will however, be saving money and mats just in case though 😉

What are you doing to prepare?



  1. Ah, this DLC is bad timing for me, seeing as how I just got the game and I love Imperials. I guess I won’t even be able to set foot in the city without it, which is a shame. At least the new glass armor looks great – no spikes!

    1. It can be accessed at level 10 as far as I know, same as the current PvP, there is also a non-vet pvp campaign, so you could… 🙂

      I guess if you’re still playing in 6 weeks, it could be worth thinking about?

      1. Oh, I’ll definitely still be playing in 6 weeks. Even wololo’ed my gaming buddy across from Heavensward. But I detest PvP, so the proof of this pudding will definitely be in the respawning.

  2. I have to get to VR14 on my DC main. Six weeks to VR14 – I CAN DO IT DAMMIT…

    As for the Imperial City, there is a non-Vet campaign (limited to 49 and below) called Blackwater Blade which you can join Mr., erm, Iron Dagger (what is your handle?!?) once you are 10 or above. You will still be handicapped against higher level players, but the differential won’t be as bad as going up against VR level opponents. On the plus side you will be able to access the Imperial City, and the opposition won’t be orders of magnitude more powerful than you.

    1. For the last level I ended up doing a grinding circuit of 3-4 delves in Bangkorai – wasn’t too bad. I think, currently, the best solo xp is from the delves in your faction’s gold highest level zone. I ended up choosing delves where I needed slayer kills and trophies from to take away from the grind a bit 😉

    2. Syrmaticus here. 😀

      Yes, I noticed Blackwater Blade in my ‘L’ menu (you said you’re on Thornblade, if I recall correctly). But everything I’ve seen in patch notes and such says there’s no getting into the City proper without the DLC, so I’ll wait and see if the PvP is worth ponying up for. It’s a tough sell for a carebear.

      1. this is the only game I’ve pvped in – I PvP with a guild group and its really fun, the current cyrodiil mechanics mean that you don’t lose anything (but your pride) if you die, which makes it feel a lot more accessible. I would recommend trying out in a group if you can 🙂

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