I’d forgotten all about this quest in Eastmarch, until I re-did it on my templar.  The quest involves you asking a giant to help you into the enemy fort – he does this by kicking you over the embankment.  Its obviously a fun nod to the giant attacks in Skyrim – on occasion they could send you flying for miles 😀



  1. 1. Don’t expect the single player game – its an MMO set in Tamriel, with Elder Scrolls elements.
    2. with that in mind, join a guild 🙂
    3. try out the four different classes, they are all fun
    4. if you’re going to craft, start researching traits asap
    5. check for how to’s, builds and a lot of good advice
    6. Level up all your skills (and weapons) while you’re still questing (shoving the ones you want to level on hotbar 2 (gained at lvl 15) before a quest hand in, is a very efficient way of doing this)
    7. This article has some more useful tips
    8. currently you cannot group with people outside your faction, but they are planning on changing this for the instanced dungeons (will still be at war in Cyrodiil and I presume the overland questing zones will be unaffected)
    9. early on, it’s good to have a storage mule alt – once you have increased your bank space / bag space to the max, it’s not necessary.
    10. for world bosses / dolmens, do ask in zone chat for help if you need it, people will generally help out.

    hope that helps 🙂

  2. Had a *blat* around over the past few days (inbetween prepping for Session 2 of my EotE Campaign that I’m GMing), and I like it.

    I’m a little confused as to how much of a difference it makes to choose a class, as my Mage type started off with a 2 Handed sword!? It almost seems to be a classless system in that regard.

    I’ve been stealthing around but haven’t seen my stealth skill going up, and have been trying to pickpocket… And failing… Running away from guards… Then giving up and paying the fines.

    There’s a lot of talk about mounts but I don’t know what level you can even use them, so I’m not focusing on that yet.

    Crafting wise I’ve done nothing. I’ve picked up a tonne of “stuff” for trade skills but have no idea which to pick and how useful they’ll be. All my leveling skills have gone into spells etc as that seems the most sensible place to put them.

    One aspect of confusion for me is that there’s no health / magicka display for me or enemies… I’ve found an option to put a bar above your head but that looks dumb. On top of that seemingly, ‘missing’, I can’t find an XP bar on the screen either. I’ve played a lot of MMOs in my time and have never come across one that doesn’t have a health/mana/xp box… Odd.

    So, other than the usual noobage of not knowing what’s best to do, I’m a little confused with it, but am having fun, so that’s good.

    1. glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

      classes – yeah, they don’t restrict you to role or weapon but they do give a unique feel to each class.

      stealth – no skill to level (I know, shock and horror!) instead you have gear / legerdemain skill line to reduce the distance at which you can be detected and reduce the cost of sneaking. Points into pickpocketing (legerdemain line) definitely helps – as does waiting a few seconds for the chance % to increase.

      I would definitely make your main fairly craft free (1 or 2 crafts generally is fine) at lower levels – if you want to craft, make crafting alts, though you will need to level them at least a bit for skill points… all crafts are useful though alchemy and provisioning may be most used…

      health/magicka – try the FTC addon – I’m going to be posting with UI addons shortly

      xp bar – character screen I think… – i use wykkyd’s toolbar which is a non intrusive bar showing relevants infos.

      oh are you pc or console? no addons for consoles 😦

      if you’re EU PC, let me know your @ID and I’ll add you to friends list. If not, try to find ppl to play / guild with 🙂

      er sorry about wall of text – hope it’s helpful 🙂

    2. ugh forgot horses – no level gates – gold gate I guess (unless you got imperial edition or buy one from store)

      horses (including your imperial horse) are bought from a stable. Each day you can have riding lessons to increase speed, stamina and carry limits. These lessons transfer to whichever mount you’re riding.

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