Blaugust 2015

and so Blaugust returns 🙂  I really enjoyed taking part in this last year although I don’t think I’m going to manage the full 31 days this year.  We have a week away, builders in, birthdays (and parties!) and it’s the 6 week hols.  I will do my best though 🙂

If you’re interested, go take a look at Belghast’s post.  I’m not going to repeat all the guidelines here but I do want to emphasise two things:

1. You do need to join the Blaugust nook on Anook.  I love Anook, it’s one of the friendliest, most chilled out social sites I’ve been on – it’s also perfect for micro-blogging.  As a bonus, it has a fantastic Elder Scrolls Online community 🙂

2. I think most of us probably signed up for this with our eyes closed, fingers in our ears and singing lalalala.  I find this quite a scary challenge – what will I write about? how will I find time? say everything I post is rubbish?  Sometimes it’s good to just leap in and have a go.  I managed to complete Blaugust last year and actually, most of the posts were OK.

There are quite a few of us already, go on – join in 🙂


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