Blaugust Day 1: werewolf to vampire

Guides to becoming a Werewolf or Vampire.  The best way to be bitten is to find someone in your guild willing to bite for free (and return the favour in the future).

Like many players, my Nightblade was a Werewolf as the unrestricted passive +15% stamina regeneration was too good to pass up.  I did think that this situation was a bit too good to be true and was waiting for it to be changed.  With the Imperial City update, you will need to slot the Werewolf Ultimate in order to benefit from the passive stamina regen.  Which while I think this makes sense, personally, I have no need to turn into Werewolf form.  Although it is fun running round as a WW occasionally, it doesn’t fit my sneaky playstyle at all.


So, I’ve changed to Vampire and I think this is going to fit a lot better.  Although the passive +10% stamina and magicka regen will require a vampire ability to be slotted – the vampire abilities (especially with the incoming changes) are far more useful for my playstyle (e.g. the heal on the Ultimate, Mist form damage avoidance).

Vampire Imperial City changes:

  • Reduced the fire damage you receive to 25% from 40%.
  • Drain Essence: This ability now restores 10% of your health every second, and stuns your target on activation. It can be used on CC-immune targets, and can be used all the time (it no longer activates the Feed debuff).
  • Supernatural Recovery (passive): This passive now only works while any Vampire ability is slotted in your ability bar.

I think one of the things I like about vampire is the passive which increases movement speed while stealthed, I’m hoping that this will replace my reliance on Night’s Silence and I’ll be able to wear armour which focuses on damage or survivability.  I do like to move swiftly whilst sneaking 😉 The biggest downside I find to Vampire is the frequency at which you need to feed to stay at Stage 1.  I do wish they would increase this.

Now to level the skill line…. 🙂



    1. benefits would be having a more useful ultimate (WW) and being less susceptible to fire and not looking like you have the mother of all hangovers (vamp) 😉

      but yes you can get regen from other sources (drinks, gear etc), but I like to stealth a lot so I like to have high regen & speed (good for sustain in combat too). It’s not necessary but I like it for my playstyle 🙂

  1. I never really liked going Vampire in my TES games. I liked werewolf in Bloodmoon, but that was mostly the point of the whole story. I always liked how they do try to include either option though; especially the vampire since it isn’t always obvious how you contract the disease.

    1. yes its always been nice to have that extra layer in the single players, I never went vampire or werewolf either – in fact I used to avoid it like the erm… plague 😉 to the extent of reloading if I got infected 🙂 I seem to remember getting cured if you were past a certain stage was quite tricky.

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