Blaugust Day 3: I hate wasps!

Why does every MMO have to have these?  Well, at least the ones I’ve played.  I seriously hate wasps, I am actually quite terrified of them in reality.  I was terrorised by them at a cafe yesterday, to the extent that I drank my coffee super quick and gave my cake to Dimzad and then moved away to a mostly wasp free spot.  Fortunately I’m not so phobic that I have to avoid pictures or pixels of them.  Even so, I hate it when zones are filled with wasps.

Shadowfen in ESO is filled with them and there are quite a few in Craglorn too. The wasps here surround a nest, when you kill some, more start swarming towards you – just like real ones *shudder*

I very bravely sneaked up to this nest 😛

In Guild Wars 2, one of the ways in which you can help a farmer is by clearing out wasps nests.  By kicking them… seriously what sort of a sadist wrote that?

You want me to do what now?!

What do you avoid in games? (if anything 😉 )



  1. For me, Spiders! Disgusting many legged nasties! Playing through the opening areas of LOTRO this weekend reminded me of how many spiders there are in Middle Earth, and how real they look. Yech.

  2. I really, really hate (and am scared of) ants. I just can’t stand them. The many legs, the way they zip around everywhere… Urgh! One of the quest lines in Fallout 3 is to clear out a nest of them, which I found hard to do… apart from when I was swinging a flame-thrower around, haha.

    1. haha yeah a flamethrower would be handy – wonder if it would be effective against wasps… or if you’d just set the place on fire as you flailed around… 🙂

  3. My only hate for the wasps is how mundane they are. Really? Oversized wasps in a world where we have flying jellyfish and bipedal triceratopses? I kill them like any other.

    It’s not too different in real life. The instant I detect one buzzing around in my room, I grab my Baygon and this plays:

  4. Wasps is a legitimate fear; I got stung by one once and, my gawd it hurt. Do you know what phobia I have that most MMO’s also seem to have AND is completely ridiculous. Moths. I scream like a little girl if one touches me. That’s right, the resident spider killer is petrified of ugly butterflies…

    1. Moths! O.o I never seen them in a mmo but im terrified of them irl. Only some days ago a moth flew too close when my phone had light on so i threw it away instinctively (its an expensive phone!!). And 1 time i was dreaming about a moth on my pillow so i fell out of a bunker bed almost killed myself. Point me to that “moth mmo” and i will run in another direction >.<

  5. Same same WASPS!!! D: my first encounter with wasps was in my first mmo the Rift and they killed me asap, noob as i was ;( After that i have hated them with a passion :0)

  6. I really, really dislike most things in Orr in GW2. It was an amazingly well designed place (ruined city risen from the sea bed) but by the six gods it was ugly and depressing!

    Also I generally dislike haunted type places for the same reason so the Barrowdowns in LOTRO were occasionally a chore 😀

  7. I have a phobia of cockroaches. Yes, I know, it is silly and humiliating. I blame it on all the times when I was a young child trying to to the bathroom at night and having one crawl over my hand when I was trying to find the light switch or up to my ankle. It terrified me and I never got over it. When I see one I still run away scared and wait until morning.

    Even pictures or in games they can make me very uncomfortable. Fortunately they aren’t very common in games. Except in post-apocalyptic games. Giant Roaches are for those games what Giant Spiders are to fantasy ones! They are almost in every game! Stupid things!

  8. I don’t have a phobia, but I’m quite seriously grossed out by cockroaches in real life.

    I fully place the blame on my old biology teacher for making us dissect one… that had been soaking in formaldehyde for over a week before our class. That… smell. Urgh.

    Fortunately, MMO games haven’t developed smell-o-vision yet.

  9. Just about any large sea creature. I don’t like it. No sirree. I can do it eventually, but I have to go through steps first else I’m fighting with my eyes off the screen.

  10. I really dislike things with a slightly irregular pattern of similar shapes clustered together. In games, this could be the compound eye of a giant insect, or the holes in the decaying skin of a zombie. Sometimes even the architectural patterns in an alien building will trigger it.

    Maybe I’ll do a post on this and see if helps me conquer my irrational revulsion!

  11. oh wow – yeah definitely an insect trend here, with large sea creatures, irregular patterns and haunted places…

    thanks all for commenting and making me feel less silly 🙂

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