Blaugust Day 4 ~ circle of awareness

Had a very fun evening in ESO with Arin last night, we were in a bit of a silly mood, so the conversation was occasionally hilarious.  We started off with a thieving spree and discussed what the various stages of the sneaking eye symbol meant.  My take on it was that when the eye was half-open you were getting into someone’s “circle of awareness”  At which point we had to stop as we were laughing too much as it sounds like some scammy therapy term.  It was one of those things that as I said it, I wondered why I was saying it.

We then did some of the lower Craglorn quests with Team Templar.  This was going generally fairly sensibly, just chatting and killing and avoiding the wasps as we ran from place to place.  We ended up having to go into Mtharnaz for a quest update and the boss for this delve is a huge spider.  We were surprised by it on our first attempt, Arin died and then I died due to laughing at Arin yelling that they were being teabagged by the spider….  or possibly turning my UI off to get a screeny 😉 We killed it on our second attempt of course.

I think Arin is under there somewhere…


  1. @murf yep… I’m not sure we could have fought it, if it had been a wasp that size 😉

    @xannziee thanks 🙂 I sometimes think mine and Arin’s conversations would make great vlogs, except there would be an awful lot on the cutting room floor (panthers needing knitted hats with ears for e.g.) and the fact that we’d probably not be able to chat naturally knowing we were being recorded… 🙂

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