Blaugust day 6: jumping

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve just started playing Guild Wars 2 and I’m really, really enjoying it.  Its going to make the coming months quite difficult as I have a great group of friends and guildies in both games now, and I really, really enjoy playing them both (the other game is ESO of course).  So, I will be trying to balance the two somehow…

Anyway, yes jumping.  I logged back in and decided to try and get the last viewpoint to complete the Lion’s Arch map.  While this was going on, we got rickrolled in our TS channel – absolutely hilarious, though he was obviously banned quite quickly 😀  So the last viewpoint in Lion’s Arch that I had was on a tall island just off the mainland.  It seemed impossible to jump to…  Luckily a guildy came along and showed me the trick.  You basically have to get an experimental gun thing from an Asura and sort of fire yourself over.  It was cool to get the map finished and I got some nice rewards.  He then showed me another jumping puzzle behind a waterfall which was pretty fun and we ended up doing one which takes you all the way around the rooftops of Lion’s Arch.  We got some way through and then I fell off 😦  Apparently it goes on for ages after that, which I’m not sure I needed to hear 😉

I fell off a little way after this…

The jumping puzzles are really fun, although I think you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind for them.  They are really tense though, I end up holding my breath and my hands start getting on the edge of being shaky – ah adrenaline 😀  Maybe jumping is going to be my thieving equivalent 😀

To end the night I ended up doing the Spiral jumping puzzle with a couple more guildies, which was cool, especially as I got a juvenile spider pet to tame at the end of it.  This puzzle leads onto a harder puzzle going through Shadowcourt, which we got part way through before it got far too late to be doing this sort of thing 🙂



  1. I still totally need to do that rooftop jumping puzzle in LA! It’s on the to-do list and everything… It just seems so… long that I haven’t even dared to get started yet.

    Some general tips for jumping: turn off double tap to dodge to prevent yourself accidentally rolling off thin objects set a very high distance from the ground; if you have the levels/hero points for trait unlocks, look for the trait that gives 33-50% protection from falling damage so that you can fall from a greater height without splattering on the ground, every profession has one; and look from nearest corner to nearest corner and jump according to that, certain jumps are purposefully made to be almost too far to jump; having a vague feel for the center of mass of your character can also help for deceptive hitboxes like jumping with charr.

  2. I would get into this and have indeed tried but I’m one of those “lucky” people who get the randomly occuring black screen of death, that the game designers are clearly not capable of sorting out.

  3. There was a more difficult jump that would allow you to go straight from the path leading out to the water directly onto the raised platform to the right of it that had armor shards; normally, you’d have to either walk on the ledge or jump-step your way up from the ground, both of which exposed you to shots from at least four different locations. Never did master that one.

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