Blaugust Day 9 ~ DAI: surprises still to be found

Having written a gaming to do list, I’ve obviously decided to completely ignore it and decided to finish my nightmare run of DAI as I am very close to finishing it.  Plus I wanted to get my head back in the game, given that I am pretty excited about the DLC coming out in a couple of days.

Anyways, I have just finished the Well of Sorrows section and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to let Calpernia live.  I’m not sure why, but I assumed you would fight and kill her.  During this playthrough I have been making non standard decisions (e.g. going with templars rather mages) to see more of the story and it has been interesting to see the effect.  Yes, the effect is fairly minimal but if you like the detail of Thedas then it is very interesting 😉  I had read Bioware’s short story about Calpernia’s origin and found her to be fairly sympathetic.  Much as Samson is to be honest (the alternate encounter if you side with the mages), his descent began through passing love letters for a mage – Maddox.  Of course, you do have a choice in how you deal with Samson when he is brought before you for judgment.

So you can let her return to Tevinter, where she would like to be a leader to bring change and reform, especially concerning slaves.  I don’t know if this will turn out to be good, bad or indifferent choice, but I am glad I was able to make it.


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