Blaugust Day 13 ~ dungeoning

I just love this shot of Arin and Eldae (below) – both with our blue glowy special effects!  We’ve been trying to Carry On Craglorn with Team Templar (though that’s my Nightblade in the shot) and we’re doing OK.  We’re doing a little better since I bothered to upgrade my armour and stick a fire resist rune on (also a vamp).  We should be able to duo most of the Lower Craglorn dungeons by ourselves which is good fun.  Although we do have a guild friend who also needs so we’ll group up with them when we get the chance – we’re at different stages of the quests though, so I guess we’ll have to take it in turns to re-do content 🙂 Its all xp!


Upper Craglorn is a bit more difficult to duo.  OK a lot 🙂  Our NB and DK team are stuck until we can manage to get a guild group together, August is not a good time of year to try and get stuff done in game 😉  We will get there though.

We did the non-veteran Crypt of Hearts last night with our friend Aeo and Leron.  That was good fun, we breezed through with absolutely no problems.  We finished that around 10pm which was too late to start a vet dungeon…



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