Blaugust Day 23 ~ Thieves…

When HBA posted that he was setting up a human Thief levelling group in GW2, for some reason it really appealed.  Wonder why… 😛  (regular readers of this blog will know that I love playing rogues, especially Thief and Ranger types).

The first night we grouped up was tonight and it was a lot of fun.  We started with a synchronised dance off in a pub and went round around the Shaemar area getting the viewpoints, POIs and completed hearts.  We got to nearly level 10 which seemed quite good going.  I tried to get a screenshot of us taking a mob down, but when all 5 of us were co-ordinated, the fight was over before I managed to turn off the UI and hit Prt Scr.  Or I just totally forgot.

I quite like the Thief class.  I especially like the different weapons giving different skills (much like ESO in one way, though it is implemented differently).  The biggest problem I’m having is learning to turn with the mouse right button (yes I know, it’s a far superior way of playing).  I’m finding it very irritating that the camera doesn’t turn with your character – I think this is the first game I’ve played where that doesn’t happen… I’m not including the Elder Scrolls because the camera there moves just with mouse movement.  Anyway it’s making it awkward, firing off skills and moving.  I can’t quite copy my ESO layout (which does have similar mechanics) because there are more skills needed.

I’m sure there are keybind setups out there, I’ll have to search and experiment to find a way that suits I suppose.

anyways, some screenshots of course.  HBA organised the group shot, so am looking forward to seeing his screenshots 🙂



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