ESO, GW2 and Blaugust

Having been so excited for the release of the ESO DLC, I am currently too tired to play it 😛  We’ve literally just returned to normal getting up times as school has just gone back, I had been slipping back into my natural night owl habits so the early starts (ha! 7.30am! not exactly early!!) are just killing me.  Problem is, rather than noodle around on an alt, I want to play the new stuff which is either pvp based (far too tired – I might as well put a flashing light above my poor sneaky little head) or group based (again too tired to concentrate and I can’t even talk in normal sentences at the moment – just ask the poor guys in my GW2 guild I attempted to chat with the other night :P)  I keep missing Arin too – I think we are missing each other logging in by seconds or minutes – gah!

So I have been playing some GW2 instead.  There is something incredibly soothing (and mostly easy) about getting the low level map completions, it feels like I’ve achieved something too.  I did find a jumping puzzle in the Metrica Province which was quite fun – I only died 5 times 😛  I ended up giving up on it though because instead of being moved to the next section, it bugged out and sent me back to the previous section.  Yes, I rage quit the jumping puzzle 😛

puzzle metrica

Finally, I gained the Veteran Blaugustian Conqueror title 😀  I wasn’t expecting to be in this category because of the 5 posts I missed due to holiday, but it seems Belghast thought that was a good enough reason and has been kind enough to allow me in.  Thank you Belghast 😀  Please check his post out with all the other participants – and do click on the links to their blogs, they are really fantastic blogs 🙂




  1. Ah, Goemm’s Lab, that evil evil thing where one tends to fall out of the sky and splatter down miles away.

    I totally ‘cheated’ those wind blowbacks with stability, after deciding my timing + latency was not healthy for my blood pressure.

    On a ranger, try signet of the wild. 🙂

    There will be plenty of other challenge ahead anyway. P.S. Jumping while chilled = bad idea.

    1. ah yeah I do have signet of the wild – I was quite enjoying it, even the splattering until I got ported to back to the start…

      how about jumping when sleep deprived? 😀

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