[ESO] thoughts on Imperial City PvP and Nightblade build

So I’ve now had a quick run around pveing (not the new dungeons) and pvping in the Imperial City.  I quite like the IC, it is quite fun and feels very dangerous (which is good). I like vying for / pvping at the quest points – that’s quite fun.

I am currently very unsure of what to do with my Nightblade build, it definitely needs tweaking.  I’m intending to remain stamina using bow and dual wield, even though it may not be optimal.  I just don’t feel right using other weapons with this class…  Vampire is only at rank 3 and so I cannot assess whether the perks (stealthed movement speed, stam & magicka regen) are worth the risk of the undaunted anti-undead skills.  It’ll probably be swings and roundabouts…  having the stealth movement speed means I can switch to a different set other than Night’s Silence and so boost other stat areas.  Although perhaps I don’t need to be sneaky and fast – I like it though…

imp city

I did have more problems fleeing (hahaha yeah I flee if I have to!) than previously and I’m not sure if that’s down to my skillbar shakeup or the stamina regen changes but on the other hand I was scoring kills more quickly…  so yeah swings and roundabouts…  (just realised that may be a very Brit thing to say – so linked for anyone’s who interested).  The pvp does feel better somehow though.  I was lucky playing at off peak this morning as we weren’t perma-ganked.  My guildies were talking of being ganked by 20+ ppl teams the previous evening, which seems a bit… over the top? ESO-game-play-mechanics-inspired min-maxing?  Really, I do wonder what they thought would happen when we can ‘steal’ tel’var stones from enemy players.  Players are obviously just going to find the most efficient way of doing this.

The potential loss of Tel’var stones is at once very annoying and quite exciting.  I expect a few more sessions will see any excitement give way to indifference and boredom.  Well we shall see anyway.  I’m looking forward to some more IC runs with my guild very soon 🙂



  1. I think its a good idea to be able to steal stuff from enemy players. It adds excitement. In used to it tho from ArcheAge. But i know some ppl hated it in ArcheAge..But a lot easier to avoid in ESO as the game has so much great pve content ❤

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