[ESO] sneaking

I haven’t been gaming much in the last 24 hours as I have been wonderfully sidetracked by The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson – I can’t put it down!  I have read the Wheel of Time books he completed for Robert Jordan and also his Mistborn trilogy, which are also excellent so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how thoroughly I have been swept into his world.


I did, however, spend a couple of hours soloing around the Imperial City and it’s sewers last night, looting containers, grabbing skyshards and reading books.  This is actually a huge amount of fun and challenge for anyone who enjoys sneaking,  weaving your way through some very angry daedra and dodging packs of enemy players.

I had spent about 45 minutes in the city above ground, helped out some other solo players with some fighting and had grabbed quite a bit of stuff when I thought I’d call it a night and maybe have an hour in GW2.  So I dropped down into the sewers and realised I had entered at the opposite end to the Aldmeri Dominion base.  These sewers are HUGE, I thought about taking the Heaven Highway but decided as I only had a small number of blue stones to see how far I could get through the tunnels…

Turns out, pretty far 😀  I got to the centre of the map and there I finally died as the npcs seemed not to lose aggro or they were possibly just too densely packed – they chased me for ages 😦  I revived back at the Aldmeri sewers and popped back out to check out the sewers closest to our faction’s base.  There was a large party of red enemy players so I stayed and pvp’d for a bit, going back and forth to drive them off and also managed to join in killing one of the named bosses.  Was quite fun 🙂

I died just the once (as above) – which I’m fairly proud of 🙂



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