[GW2] thief clan stories

We did something a bit different with our thief clan session last night, we started our personal stories and shared the instance with our group.  It was interesting seeing the other’s stories, I am wondering if I should have chosen to be noble instead of a street rat (she doesn’t really look like a street rat…) but I suppose it’s not going to make much difference soon.  I am looking forward to seeing what my regret at not joining the circus brings though 😀  I’m not sure why I chose that, probably thought that being a street rat was grim enough without either being an orphan or having lost my sister to centaurs.

We started the night off with a dance, again it was videoed (by another of our thieves) but this time bobbleheads were active 😉  it’s pretty funny 😀

I’ve got a non-bobblehead screen and also a screen of our magic carpet flypast – those things are fun!  They were on sale… that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it!

dance flying carpet




  1. The origin stories are a fun and welcome touch in an MMO. I just wish they were used more overtly – outside of the Personal Story that is. But no way that’s ever happening since they got rid of even the personality system.

    1. yeah – those sort of things really make an MMO come alive. I still miss the diplomacy system from vanguard – not exactly personality but still an unusual and fun system.

  2. It was a fun, confusing, great grand mess of a night, and no mistake! Going forward things should be clearer, but I enjoyed seeing other stories (I’d never seen Wozmack, for example, as I never lay noble characters due to my northern inverse snobbery :-D)

    I agree with Iron Dagger – it’s a damn shame that they didn’t make more of the personality choices made at creation. My guess is it would require so much work that would detract from work done on the wider, epic story lines and they don’t feel that the pay off would be worth it. Personally I’d like to see far more interaction in my home instance with quests being added to further flesh out your personal world. As it stands the home instances are next to pointless and that’s a shame because they are lovely (well, the human one is – the rest suck big time but could be improved *cough* housing *cough*)

    Here’s Wozmack for you 🙂

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