[ESO] interim stamina Nightblade Imperial City build

I’m still working on my Nightblade build for Imperial City.  I should point out that I am currently playing ESO very casually and the build reflects this.  This is not a good endgame build 😛 but it’s what I’m working with at the moment.  I also don’t feel right playing with anything but dual wield and bow on my nightblade – I know it’s not optimal and  I am considering two handed instead of dual wield.

Even though I am VR16, I decided to go for VR15 gear because the costs are so much cheaper.  I figured, given my current rate of playing, that by the time I had grinded enough tel’var stones and mats for VR16 gear – Orsinium would be out.  Although VR16 gear is obviously better, the VR15 gear is a good enough upgrade from pre-Imperial City gear and takes advantage of the updated crafted sets.

I was using a customised version of Deltia’s pre-Imperial City Nightblade build and, due to the IC update, found I was very squishy.  Very squishy.  I had also changed from werewolf to vampire.  Deltia is working on an updated Specter build and I am keeping an eye on that.


eso nb build

NB.  I have all racial, class, weapon, legerdemain & vampire passives.  I’ve not decided on Champion Points yet – hoping I can boost some deficiencies.


  • 5 of Willow’s Path set (+stam, +mag, +health regen)
  • 3 of Shield Breaker set (the set bonus is very nice on this)
  • 2 Shadow Walker jewellery
  • Dual Wield & Bow
  • enchants – mostly stamina on gear

It’s quite difficult balancing the PVE needs with PVP.  The dual wield is more geared to PVP single target and the bow to PVE and some aoe.

Tweaks to be made:

  • probably have vampire ultimate on dual wield and put fear back in.
  • I’ve gained regen but lost some crit.
  • weapon damage could also be higher (it can always be higher…)
  • possibly checking out if I can lose the crafted set bonus to get the shield breaker set bonus
  • agility jewellery

The good and the bad:

I am far less squishy and regen is a lot better.  I am super-fast when stealthed and this is a great build for sneaking about.  However, I do feel like I could (and should) be doing more damage – I am hoping that Champion Points will boost this to what I feel is an acceptable level.

On a very superficial note, I hadn’t realised how gorgeous the Ancient Elf style weapons are.  If anyone’s interested I mixed the Aldmeri Dominion style (tel’var stone) set with Altmer pieces.  And of course, my Bosmer heavy hat 🙂



    1. I’ve ended up going roughly half and half points into health and stamina – it seems to be a happy point for me. It does mean giving up some damage but… you can’t dps when you’re dead so… 😉 I think it’s just finding that magic minimum health point you’re happy with and going from there…

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